Day 1405: Belongings

I’m so glad I belong to this belogging  community!

Yesterday, after I underwent additional surgery to stem the beleeding of my latest incision, I took this photo at a hospital where I belong:


Later, when I got back to the home where I belong, I found one of my belongings soaking in the sink:


Believe me, many of my belongings became beloodied from  bedeviling  beleeding after Wednesday’s surgery (which belonged in the category of “I Can’t Believe They Recalled the Medical Device Which Belonged in my Body.“)  My beloved boyfriend, Michael, with whom I belong, washed  all my beloodied belongings last night.

It won’t be long before I post the rest of my photos from yesterday, taken at places where I belong:


I be longing, now,  for you to let your manners speak for you.  That is, just ask or otherwise express any belonging thoughts or feelings in a comment, which belongs below.

What music belongs here?



Thanks to all who help me know I belong, including you!

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34 thoughts on “Day 1405: Belongings

  1. My dear Ann, you belong with us, brightening our mornings! 🌞 What an ordeal, but it’s over now. Beloodied things and all. 🐾 I was reading emails and headlines on my iPad after being woken by my sweetheart’s heavy sighs 😩 and handwringing about polling and early voting that has convinced him we will lose. I refused to take that in and have resorted to Nate Silver’s 538 to assure myself we’ve got this. ✌️ Have a beautiful, healthy day, and may your blood stay where it belongs! 🙏❤️😎

  2. “Warning, it’s unsafe and often fatal.” Yikes! Where was that posted?

    I’m so relieved that the surgeon stopped the blood flow. Hope your things one back from the laundry unstained. May I suggest a bit of stomach-friendly iron for awhile? I find the polysaccharide type quite friendly. (Although I have no credentials for dispensing medical advice at all.) With a hug…

  3. Why do we call things “belongings” when they’re so close to us? That’s a reminder that the language we soak in is a funny thing.
    I’m glad you’re soaking at home.

  4. May you heal well

  5. Barb

    I look forward to your blogs daily

  6. Take it easy. Get well soon.

  7. may healing be present
    in each gentle heartbeat
    and content breath, Ann 🙂

  8. Hey, those are my belongings!

  9. Life is good when we feel like we belong somewhere

  10. How wonderful to be home after another ordeal, Ann. And you know you have a good man when he’s willing to follow along and “clean up” after you. That’s the essence of knowing you’re at home, belonging, with someone. I love Daughtry’s “I’m Coming Home,” and Phillip Phillip’s “Home.” I think there are several songs which come to mind, indicating how important it is to feel we belong somewhere. I’m so glad you’re home!

  11. Goodness Anne!!! I hope you heal up well and thank goodness your belooddy belongings were taken care of by Michael. Rest well.

  12. well I am glad to hear you are back where you belong and stitched up on the road to healing my friend sending hugs ❤ ❤

  13. You belong with our beloved belogging community Ann! May you heal well and your belood stays where it belongs 💛

  14. yeoldefoole

    Checking in and… WTF?!?!

  15. I sense this is a difficult time for you and forward my very best wishes!

  16. I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. Blessings!!

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