Day 1328: Welcome, World

I welcome the welcoming spirit of Edinburgh, Scotland, which is known around the world and demonstrated in this worldly welcome I saw yesterday:


If anybody is thankful that I took and shared that welcoming photo, you’re welcome.

When my son Aaron and I welcomed the new day in Edinburgh, yesterday, it was raining. Because we’ve been to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe three times before, we were ready to welcome the rain.

As we were walking through Edinburgh’s welcoming  Grassmarket section, we were welcomed by a new concept in comedy delivery:



I welcomed the idea of attending a fifteen-minute comedy show inside a van, especially because it was raining.  Also, I welcome any new concept I think is smart and effective.  Aiden, who was sitting in the driver’s seat of the Titter Truck, was very welcoming.


Aiden — who welcomed the rain with that fashionable animal-skin raincoat —  welcomed my  telling him I welcomed the Titter Truck as a brilliant innovation. He also suggested I give my welcoming thanks and credit to Jed Marshall, who welcomed the Titter Truck to the world:


Jed welcomed my thanks for his business genius and comic timing, and also welcomed the idea of my son Aaron doing a fifteen-minute version of his own stand-up routine (which has been welcomed in Boston, L.A., and the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014) on a later date in the Titter Truck.  I welcomed that invitation  by negotiating with Jed a deal of 5 pence for Aaron if he performs,  with me, as his manager, getting a welcome 10% of that payment.

I hope Aaron welcomes the effort I put into promoting his comedy career around the world.

It’s time to welcome the other photos I welcomed into my iPhone yesterday  in worldly, welcoming Edinburgh.































At the end of long day filled with welcomed laughs and titters in Edinburgh, Aaron and I welcomed seeing that poster for the same Louis C.K. show we welcomed seeing in Massachusetts USA earlier this month.  Just as we were welcoming the realization that we were fast approaching our Edinburgh lodgings, we saw another unexpected but very welcome sight:


Tom Joyce, whom I first welcomed into this blog three years ago as my favorite Edinburgh comic, was spotted by Aaron last night welcoming people into an improv comedy show.  Even though I was tired, I welcomed the opportunity to see Tom perform again.


I very much welcome the fact that Dr. Tom Joyce — who recently welcomed his doctorate in mathematics and who will have a research job at Edinburgh University next year —  will be welcoming Aaron into the Edinburgh worlds of academics and comedy.

I hope you welcome this question: which of the photos in today’s blog did you welcome the most?  Which photo did you welcome the least? As always, I welcome all comments, no matter what in the world you choose to share.

Thanks to all the welcoming people we met yesterday in welcoming Edinburgh and thanks to you — of course! — for your welcomed visit, here and now.

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26 thoughts on “Day 1328: Welcome, World

  1. Nice to hear that both of you are enjoying Scotland Ann 🙂
    Funny bar chairs and nice with the comedy shows.

  2. The world would be a happier place if there were more Titter Trucks roaming the streets.

  3. I welcome all of the pictures here. The key picture is quite interesting from seeing each key. I am not sure they can be different by much. The movie in the van is a great idea. I am wondering the A/C is on when you sit and watch movie. It would be great to see how they arrange the seating to watch the movie.

    • It is actually a stand-up comedy show in the back of the van. The seats were arranged to give a welcoming view of the comedian. I’m wondering if the A/C is on when it’s hot outside, too. I always welcome your comments.

  4. Another fab post. Feel like I’m through there actually seeing all this.

  5. How can you not love a place that welcomes the world!! 🙂

  6. You are such a regular you have earned your welcome. Most welcome pic – Sherlock because it is such a good portrait; most unwelcome ‘I can’t stop killing’

  7. welcoming & entertaining
    visit to my partner’s homeland 🙂

  8. What a welcome post today Ann! I do miss the humor over here 😎

  9. A welcoming read! Very entertaining and uplifting. I would love to have the opportunity to attend a performance in the Titter Truck! Thank you for expanding the world for your readers!

  10. Wonderful bar (cafe?) chairs! They’d be welcome in a place I can think of in Bisbee!

  11. I wish I could pick a favorite picture but as always I enjoy the random crap too much. I hope this doesn’t give the impression the “Random Crap” picture is my favorite because I wouldn’t want to slight the Titter Truck or Tom Joyce.

  12. I am so glad you are in Edinburgh and enjoying it all.

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