Day 225: Reasons why I should move to Edinburgh, Scotland

Reason #1:  Because humor is really important to me.

After spending just one full day in Edinburgh, I saw lots of evidence that this place would be a good match for my personal sense of humor.

For example, I like a good pun:


I really appreciate visual humor, too:


Also, my son and I went to several comedy shows yesterday, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, (and we plan to go to more today).  By far, the funniest person we saw yesterday was Tom Joyce, apparently a non-professional comic and student at Edinburgh University.


I want to say these things about Tom, after seeing him perform yesterday:

  1. Tom’s humor appeals to many ages. My 15-year-old son and I both started laughing as soon as Tom started his set and we didn’t stop until he did.
  2. Tom was very smart.
  3. I’ve never seen anybody quite like him, and I’ve seen a lot of comedy shows.
  4. Another time I had a thought like #3, above, was after seeing Steven Wright in a local Boston comedy club, when he was starting out in the late 1970s.
  5. People in Edinburgh must be REALLY funny, because Tom tied for 1st place as Edinburgh University Stand Up of The Year, 2013.

Reason #2: People in Edinburgh seem to be very modest.

After the comedy review show where we saw Tom yesterday, which included comics performing on their own during the festival, Tom was very gracious as he told us the disappointing news that he did not have his own show at the Fringe. When we asked Tom his last name, and told him how much we admired his act, he was kind and appreciative, but also wanted us to know, “I’m not really famous.”

And, nobody mentioned Tom’s recent stand-up award; we had to find that out by googling him.

I’ve seen other evidence, in Edinburgh, that the people can be quite humble here. And even though I’ve written, previously, about how bragging can be a good thing to practice (especially if you are working on self-esteem issues), I still value authentic humility and modesty.

Here’s more evidence of that, in Edinburgh, where people recognize the value of the little things:



Reason #3:  There are so many amazing things to look at.

I wrote about photo opportunities in London, a few days ago. And while London is a truly beautiful city,  in Edinburgh every moment is a photo opportunity.  Here are just a few of the ones I was able to capture yesterday (in reverse chronological order):







I wanted to end with that last image, above, because of my final reason, this morning:

Reason # 4: If you look more closely at anything in Edinburgh, you’re likely to see something else.



Thanks to Tom Joyce, to the other wonderful people who live in Edinburgh, and to you, for looking today.

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28 thoughts on “Day 225: Reasons why I should move to Edinburgh, Scotland

  1. Glad to hear you’re having so much fun, Ann!

  2. As with your banner image, Ann, I’ll take warm (even hot) and arid any day over damp with frequent grey skies. Seattle is one of my most favorite cities on our planet (and I’ve lived there twice) but its weather ill suits me. Even with great sights, entertainment and history galore, I’d not be moving to Scotland any time soon. However, do revel in your holiday there; it seems a beautiful time of year in which to visit. And enjoy Tom, again. 🙂 Thank you for your posts!

    • Thanks for your comments, Eric! Much appreciated. I hope you are in a comfortable place now and can remain so in the future.

  3. I really enjoyed this post. I love Edinburgh and instantly felt at “home” when I visited in 1990 … Sadly as a backpacking tourist but it was an uncanny sense of “home”. Perhaps it was the Scottish ancestry in me that if resonated with … In any case I enjoyed this post and felt the joy SND sense of fun you feel … Thankyou. God is Good!
    PS: love the last shot! Very funny!

  4. I love these pictures and can’t wait to visit Scotland – I have it pencilled in for summer/autumn 2014. After a year in Asia, cobbled streets, cold weather and castles will be just what I need by then I think!

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  7. Hello mon petite bijoux — Just found you. You’ve caused me to remember my weekend in Edinburgh lo those many years ago (1986 to be exact) whereupon I feasted on rabbit in a pub, proceeded to get very drunk, tried to pick up single Scottish men who would have none of me then wandered the streets with other female drunken Americans trying, unsuccessfully, to hail a cab. God I loved it.

  8. This makes me long to visit.

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  10. When someone can make people of all ages laugh & laugh – that’s natural & true comedic talent!

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