Day 1706: The best views of Edinburgh

Yesterday, as I took my farewell walking tour of this magnificent city, I saw a sign promising “The best views of Edinburgh.”


I didn’t climb the Scott Monument, so perhaps my views are not the best views of Edinburgh (even though in my view, they’re pretty great).







That last photo is another best view of somebody my son Aaron and I view as the best stand-up comic/improviser/PhD of Mathematics in Edinburgh — Dr.  Tom Joyce.  (Tom is best viewed in my previous posts here, here, here, and here).

Over the  years that Aaron and I have gotten great views of Edinburgh, some of our  best views have been thanks to Tom.  Somehow, we always run into Tom and get to view his kind, comic, creative, and often surprising views.  Yesterday, I got a different and surprising best view of Tom when we viewed each other’s medic alert bracelets and found out we both

  • take Warfarin/Coumadin,
  • were born with heart conditions,
  • have cardiac pacemakers,  and
  • got our first pacemakers when we were young (age 10 for me, age 11 for Tom).

The best thing I can say about that is this: even when you think you’ve gotten the best views of somebody, there’s always more to view.

Soon I’ll be getting best views of the friendly skies on my flights home to Boston, so I’ll leave you with these best views of Edinburgh:

In your view, what are the best views of Edinburgh in today’s post?

All my best to those who helped me share the views in today’s post and to all my readers who — in my view — are THE BEST.

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33 thoughts on “Day 1706: The best views of Edinburgh

  1. Thanks for the your . Edinburgh and Scotland were among my dreams of travel but too late now .

  2. Wow, so amazing…

  3. Definitely the best views

  4. Alastair Savage

    You had great weather! I was in Glasgow the week before and it poured down every day

  5. A most enjoyable look at the ca[ital of Scotland!

  6. Such beauty there, but I’ll bet the best view was the one that includes your son !

  7. The best view is your view, Ann, always.

  8. First, the best view for me is the paragraph that tells that Tom Joyce shares with you a most unusual heart and all that it means to you both! You’ll be best buds from now on, I’ll bet. The rest of the gorgeous sights and sites in Edinburgh remind me that a famous nickname is “Auld Reekie,” originally due to smoke and/or sewage smells, and thankfully no longer apt, but fun to know!

  9. The views are amazing, but it’s the people that make a city truly great, and Edinburgh is great from every view.

  10. These views are the very best Ann … because they mean something to you💛 What a glorious ending for this trip.
    Safe travels home 🏡

  11. I love the beautiful rushing water, for a start. But all the photos are beautiful. I’m sure the best for you must be your handsome son! How lovely that you’ve had a wonderful visit.

  12. There’s always another view around the corner, down the road, over the hill, and from the other side.

  13. Such a wonderful post. I am happy for you.

  14. Ahhhhhh Ann……I just feel sighful looking at these.

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