Day 1204: Yipes!


is something people say when they’re

  • surprised,
  • scared, or
  • amazed.

Every day, I have reasons to say


because life can be surprising, scary, and amazing.

Yesterday, I was surprised, scared, and amazed because

  • I spent a beautiful Sunday discussing membership with other group therapists and didn’t resent being indoors,
  • several people mentioned that somebody they cared about had recently died unexpectedly, and
  • I got a lot of praise for my contributions to the success of the day.

What makes you say “Yipes!”? How about the photos I took yesterday?






Yipes!  I didn’t know that Yipes! was an American rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

You can find Yipes! singing “Blink of an Eye” here on YouTube, with several Yipes!-inducing lyrics including:

Where does the time go?

Yipes! Where does the time go?  It’s time for me to end today’s post.

Yipes!  I almost forgot to thank Yipes, group therapists, and you — of course! — for visiting, here and now.

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30 thoughts on “Day 1204: Yipes!

  1. at first glance I thought this would be a post about Yepes 🙂

  2. Doggie Style Gone Wild? Those magazines will publish anything just to sell issues. Print it and they will buy it. One of our Labs was a little excited yesterday when he heard I was going to Publix. Maybe he heard this issue was on the stands and he was hoping I’d get it for him?

  3. Yipes, I had no idea they were a band!

  4. Yepes yikes yips. Quite a few similar words. Original post as always. Ann the Innovator.

  5. Doggie couture? With looks to beg for? Yipes!

  6. Yipes!! I’m in a Marvel comic

  7. Yipes, stop invading my privacy!

  8. Not a word I use, I am more likely to say shit, shit shit, or what the bloody hell, just saying

  9. Hmm, I am surprised people say this when they are scared ..

  10. Oh, man! I love that blue shark lawn ornament! It’s better than a flamingo!

  11. Yipes! Is that the time? Gotta go, or I’ll miss the train

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