Day 994: Five adjectives

Yesterday, my wonderful, young, talented, kind, and intelligent son, Aaron, and I went for a long, interesting, meandering, delightful, and warm walk and had a delicious, nutritious,  mid-day, reasonable, and shared meal together.  I don’t have any colorful, observational, spontaneous, amateur, and stored photos of that long, interesting, meandering, delightful, and warm time we spent together, because I had left my large, modern, precious, annoying,  and cellular phone behind.

During this delicious, nutritious, mid-day, reasonable, and shared meal, my wonderful, young, talented, kind, and intelligent son and I had a memorable, discursive, funny, important, and educational conversation, which included this:

Me: Somebody at my high school reunion last night used the adjective “intense” about me.  I didn’t think I come across as intense. I think I’d prefer “deep.”  What do you think about those adjectives for me?

Aaron:  I wouldn’t use either of those to describe you.

Me:  Really?  What adjective would you use?

Aaron (thinking):

Me:  Resilient?

Aaron (smiling and still thinking):

Me: Will you ever answer this?

Aaron:  Probably not.

Me:  Maybe I’ll ask you that question on my deathbed. Maybe I’ll say, “Aaron, NOW will you give me an adjective?”  You know what you’d probably say,” Yes, now I will.  It’s ‘dying.'”

Aaron (smiling and thinking):

Me: You know what?  Maybe I should write a sketch about that for your new cable-access show.

Aaron: I was thinking the same thing.

Much later,  Aaron handed me this:


Here are more colorful, observational, spontaneous, amateur, and stored photos I took yesterday:

IMG_5048 IMG_5050 IMG_5052 IMG_5056 IMG_5058


Here‘s a recurring, favorite, beautiful, charming, and adorable song:

What adjectives might you use in an adorable, beautiful, delightful, exciting, and appreciated comment?

Authentic, hasty, meaningful, intense, and good thanks to Aaron, to my high school reunion classmates, to adjectives, to Mad Magazine, to the Waltham Massachusetts Market Basket, to  “A You’re Adorable”  and — of course! — to you.

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40 thoughts on “Day 994: Five adjectives

  1. Parent brag sheet for college recommendation… so funny and weird for someone not familiar with US customs and way of life.

  2. Sweet post, dear Ann.

  3. Encouraging, facilitative, therapeutic, prompting, intendeep

  4. yeoldefoole

    Well, today being a commute day, I’m stuck in my corpse-gray corporate cube, another hapless, helpless inmate in a high-tech cellblock, poised and ready to provide superior technical support to peeved and pissed-off customers some salesman sold our product to, promising it was, in fact a speckled pony.

  5. Ann – I can’t believe Mad Magazine is still around – used to love reading it when I was a kid. The parent brag sheet is a little different, I haven’t ever seen one of those. If I was to describe my blogging friend Ann, I would use the five following adjectives: compassionate, empathetic, inquisitive, quirky, and energetic. When I read your posts I sense that you are full of joie de vivre.
    Have a wonderful day!!!!

    • Mad Magazine was important, fun, illuminating, consistent, and entertaining for me as a kid, SD. I’m not surprised you loved reading it, too.

      Thank you for your kind and descriptive adjectives. I’ve heard four of them before, but “energetic” was new and wonderfully appreciated. I am very grateful for the joie de vivre you brought here today.

  6. It would surprise me if Aaron could think of just one adjective he felt adequately summed you up, and being a writer he knows that adjectives are linguistic speed bumps. So he’s saving a collection of adjectives to share on your deathbed when he’ll want to slow the pace of things.
    I can’t help noticing that “The usual gang of idiots” is exactly five words, but only one is an adjective. What matters, though, is how much I’d love to be part of that gang.

  7. I have been described as intense, Ann, often by my own family. It is an adjective I used to resent, but I embrace it now. I am proud to be able to skim over what I see as superficial or trivial, and get down to the real story…whatever that is. Your depth and intensity is part of what draws folks like me to this blog. Don’t ever give that up. 💕

  8. You’re bright, artistic, multidisciplinary, gentle and peaceful being. Now let me bring the entire cat gang to tell theirs. Just kidding.

  9. It is said that a picture is worth ten thousand words. And the lack of your camera let’s us in on a conversation between mom and son. And those words describing you are more valuable and accurate than that which can be drawn from any photo. The love and admiration that Aaron has for you he projects through the word “resilience” and it is priceless.

  10. Today I’m soaking in the chilly-yet-gorgeous, outrageously beautiful, terrifyingly narrow yet stunningly authentic back roads of sweet Scotland! I didn’t count adjectives; I just babbled. Like the chilly, burbling, clear, sparkling, sweet highland streams by the side of roads and mountain hiking paths around lochs and up rock-stern hills. Wishing I were still there,

  11. I think creative suits you Ann and cheeky suits Aaron! ❤
    Diana xo

  12. Deep, deep, deep, deep and funny!

  13. I believe you are resilient Ann. I am also amazed that Pink Lady apples are 99 cents a lb!!

  14. Another post I enjoyed reading

  15. Wow, do you have a lot to brag about on that sheet, Ann. Add the line: Smart enough not to label his mother with one adjective.

    You are so much more than intense or deep and any of the words you tried to put in Aaron’s mouth, my friend. You are beyond flash judgment, a wise, funny, sentimental, giving and (mostly) non-judgmental daily blogger.

  16. I like adjectives, really I do. But today I cannot think of any. I drove through San Francisco this afternoon and doing that used my entire brain for the rest of the day.

    • Here are my five adjectives for San Francisco — beautiful, bright, temperate, friendly, and hilly. I like SF, adjectives, and also you, Emilie, really I do.

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