Day 995: You remind me of _________

Do people ever tell you that you remind them of somebody else?

Does my question remind you of how it feels when you’re told who you remind people of?

I’m reminding myself, now, that people have told me I remind them of:

Apparently, I remind people of many other people. Most recently, somebody in one of my therapy groups said I reminded her of Loretta LaRoche.

Loretta LaRoche DOES remind me of me, in this way:  Neither of us have our own Wikipedia page.

Here’s a YouTube video of Loretta LaRoche reminding us of stress and humor:

I don’t really remind me of Loretta LaRoche or any of the other people I remind others of, except for the important reality that we’re all human beings and therefore connected and similar in many ways.

I do often remind me (and other people) of the importance of watching out for the negative effects of comparisons. (I’ll remind you, now, there’s a list describing comparisons and other cognitive distortions.)

At the same time, it’s human and expected that we’ll remind each other of other people. I think that’s a good thing and when that inevitably happens, I remind myself to take those reminders as compliments.

Do people tell you that you remind them of other people?  Who are those people?

What do these images — all of which I was reminded to take yesterday — remind you of?

IMG_5063 IMG_5065 IMG_5061

IMG_5067 IMG_5068 IMG_5069 IMG_5070 IMG_5079 IMG_5081IMG_5084 IMG_5085IMG_5088IMG_5090IMG_5092 IMG_5094IMG_5095 IMG_5097IMG_5098

This all reminds me that I’m quickly approaching my 1000th consecutive daily post. That reminds me of how illuminating, helpful, and healing my blogging reminders have been for me, every day since January 1, 2013.

You, my readers, constantly remind me of how grateful I am for everything that’s happened here over the last 995 days.

Now I’m reminded to thank Loretta LaRoche and everybody else — especially you! — who remind me to keep going — with humor, authenticity, and persistence — as best I can.

(Do I need to remind you that all your thoughts and feelings about today’s reminding post are welcome?)

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33 thoughts on “Day 995: You remind me of _________

  1. You remind me of somebody who’s always there to lend a supportive word and keen voice, Ann. People say I remind them of a various people, including Richard Dreyfus and Richard Karn (Al Borland of Tool Time sitcom glory) and other folk of non-celebrity note. I just gotta be me.

  2. Hi Ann. People have told me I remind them of Lynn Redgrave, Sarah Ferguson, Jessica Rabbit (in my super thin days) and one time someone said I reminded them of Marilyn Monroe (I don’t understand that at all). I am always told that by people that they know me from somewhere, I remind them of someone but they can’t quite put their finger on it (which is a strange sounding expression when you type it out).
    I am with Mark on this one, I am who I am and that is all I am!!!!
    Have a totally awesome Tuesday!!!!

  3. Many years ago a girl compared me to Jim Belushi. He was on Saturday Night Live at the time and I think it was meant to be a compliment, but I was still heartbroken. Being compared to John Belushi would have been flattering.
    Oscar always reminds me of my cat Hugo. He was named after the French poet, but hurricane Hugo came through that year and we were asked if he was a destructive cat. Fortunately he wasn’t.

    • Let me remind you that comparisons can feel weird. I myself was heartbroken by the Lily Tomlin comparison many years ago, but now I see it as a wonderful compliment. Oscar, I believe, would wish to remind me to tell you he’s glad he reminds somebody of a fine, non-destructive cat like Hugo.

  4. Tony Curtis, Rolf Harris, Worzel Gummidge, Doctor Who, The Duke of Buckingham, Jesus – quite a mixed bag over the years

  5. NotAPunkRocker

    I’m actually quite generic and as far as I know haven’t reminded anybody of anyone else 😀

  6. I remind people of…well…I think you know who!

  7. Ann, as I only know you through your unique blog and photos, you have never reminded me of anybody else, nor has anybody else reminded me of you. Many times, though, your posts have reminded me of things I’d like to do, or things I’d like to think about.

    When I was very young, my mother often told me that I reminded her of my grandmother (my father’s mother). As the only thing I knew about my grandmother was that my mother disliked her and, apparently, that my grandmother liked to poke holes in the bottom of chocolates to check the fillings and then eat the best ones, I did not take this as high praise. However, I did grow up to be the sort of person who pokes chocolates to guess what’s in them, and only eats the ones I like — so she was right.

  8. I’ve never been blonde, but in facial expressions and speech patterns, I’ve often been compared to Goldie Hawn, the latter years ( not the Laugh In years). My dad looked so much like an elderly Anthony Quinn, he used to play along and quote from his movies, just to joke with people. My mom was a dead ringer for Judy Garland. My son looks very much like former Phillies pitcher, Cole Hamels, who sadly left for the Texas Rangers.

    That was fun. Thanks, Ann. You’ve been compared to so many diverse people, you have to be a pretty unique Ann Koplow. ☺

    • Reading this comment was fun for me, Van. I also want to remind you how grateful I am that you are a beautifully unique Van by the river.

  9. Ann, you remind me of a caring, Compassionate Loving woman who you truly are! You amaze me that you can blog as you do every single day. LOVE the pictures of your cats which reminds me how Loved mine are. 🙂 As for me, when I was younger, peeps used to say I looked like Wonder Woman. LOL And in a way I really could see the similarities. Now? I’m so darn different I bare no resemblance to anyone but me!!! I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a well, (not liking the *bad* word), …. what. There. I avoided saying bad in connection with me. Hehehehehe (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

  10. Marlo Thomas and Martha Quinn…two of my favorite crushes 🙂 And then to know your character through your blogging, I’d say your boyfriend it quite the lucky guy!! I always like hearing what people have to say – such a good chance to see how other people view you.

    • I am quite the lucky gal, Randall, for oh so many reasons! As always, you remind me of why I love your writing and your world view so much.

  11. Various famous redheads. And lots of “Do you have a sister???”

    • My son, who is a redhead, reminds people of other redheads, although he really doesn’t look like them. I’m always glad to be reminded of you!

  12. I look like everyone’s granddaughter apparently LOL All the elderly patients at the hospital would tell me that:p Then they would try to hook me up with their grandson haha

  13. You totally crack me up!

  14. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

  15. This reminds me of … dining last week at a restaurant in Italy. A lovely woman came up to me as said – “are you Valerie?” I said Yes! She was so excited, and then asked “Tracy’s mother?” I said no.
    “Wow – you remind me of her. She could be your twin.”
    It really is a small world 😄

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