Day 428: Walking on the Moon

As always, I didn’t know what the title of this post would be when I went to sleep last night. I did have many thoughts about this post, last night, though, including:

  • How am I going to convey how great that Sting and Paul Simon concert was?
  • What images am I going to show, since I didn’t get any good photos of the performers?
  • How am I going to write a good-enough post, since I have to leave early this morning, to go to a group psychotherapy conference?

But I am settled and confident about the title for this post, because that song — out of all the ones I heard last night, including “The Boxer,” “Roxanne,” “Still Crazy After All These Years,” “Graceland,” “Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” “Every Breath You Take,” “Message in a Bottle,” “Fragile,” ” Englishman In New York,” “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes,” “The Obvious Child,” “You Can Call Me Al,” “Dancing with the Dead,” “America,” “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic,”  and MANY more — was playing in my head when I woke up this morning.

Sometimes I wonder — since I often have a song playing in my head —  what the unconscious message of a song might be.  Sometimes I wonder — Ann, why do you go to the unconscious, because it’s a great song, and … isn’t that enough?

Well,  I am fascinated by the working of the human mind, and believe there are LOTS of interesting reasons, for every little thing.

And while “Walking on the Moon,” is a great song, it was not my favorite song from last night.  So I can’t help but think, what ARE my associations, right now, with “Walking on the Moon” ?

  1. Strangeness.
  2. Unfamiliarity.
  3. Joy.
  4. Loneliness.
  5. Danger.
  6. Darkness.
  7. Freedom.
  8. Needing support to breathe.
  9. Jumping higher.
  10. Adventure.
  11. Seeing beauty.

Here are some photos I took, last night:


That’s Statia (pronounced “Stay-shi-a”). She was there with her sister, Stephanie:


Moments after I sat down, Statia told me she expected to cry, since she loved Sting so much, and had never seen him before. They were perfect people to sit next to: fun, engaging, joyous, friendly,and very nice. And get this — Statia’s birthday is the same as mine … Groundhog Day!


That’s a small portion of Sting’s band, on the left of the stage.  Paul Simon’s band was on the right.  They played together, for a good part of the night.

Throughout the concert, I would try to get a shot of Sting and Paul Simon, specifically so I could show you all, in this post.  But a curious thing happened; no matter what the lighting, I could never get the headliners in focus.  They were always … glowing. Like so:



Even though I might capture the faces of the rest of the musicians, Sting and Paul Simon were always … faceless, in my photos.

Which was weird, because without the phone, I could see them, every moment, as clear as day.

This is the best I could do with my iPhone, last night:


Every time I looked around, the audience was glowing, too:



I kept putting my phone away, to concentrate on the amazing-ness of every moment. But then, every once in a while, I’d take it out, in attempt to hold and capture the experience:





I wanted to communicate more, about last night, including how I got to sing out loud, even harmonizing with Statia on “Fragile,” but … I’ve got to run, to the conference.

Thanks to Statia, Stephanie, everybody glowing at the concert last night, and to you — of course! — for walking by here, today.

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25 thoughts on “Day 428: Walking on the Moon

  1. Oh wow!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!! Wow!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!

    Sigh. I so wish I had been there!!!!! WOW!!!!!! Did I say that already? Amazing!!!!!

    Enjoy your conference.

  2. Sounds like a great show! glad they were playing together for the whole set – makes for a much better concert, and something you wouldn’t normally get to see.

  3. I think your phone photos captured the essence of the night, Ann. Of course Paul Simon and Sting were aglow. They were the stars of the show. (Technically, I think it’s because the spotlight guys were very, very good at keeping the beam on the two icons.) Thank you not making me read down the list to discover if my song-of-yesterday, “The Boxer,” made the set list. I hope you are having a great conference today.

    • I thought of you, Mark, when they played “The Boxer,” near the end of the show. Thanks for this glowing comment.

  4. Amazing! Crazy fun to think of them performing a show together. Have a wonderful conference. I need to go to fewer conferences and more concerts, personally.

  5. I’m so glad you had fun!

  6. Two of my favourite performers on one stage…#MindBlown

  7. Stephanie

    Oh Ann, you were a perfect neighbor also! Stacy (our family nick-name for Statia) was thrilled to have a “birthday buddy” to enjoy the show with- made it even more special. And wow- what a great show. I really like how Paul brings out something playful in Sting. I have seen them both perform separately before and they are both great, but they are spectacular together. I am bummed that Paul said that they wouldn’t tour together again.

    • It was a thrill to see this comment, Stephanie. I loved the whole experience, and thanks so much for reading and commenting.

  8. Great that you had so wonderful experiences. Wow for a concert.
    Enjoy your conference today.

  9. Wow, what an event… Nothing like live performances, and when you get people who can put on a show like no one else (both Simon and Sting…), how can you go wrong. Beautiful post, made my day as if I was there too 🙂

  10. How did I ever stumble upon your post! Only one of my all time favorite singer songwriter’s in Paul Simon. No wonder you woke up with lyrics from his song running through your head. He is a genius isn’t he? So nice to meet you through WordPress.
    I will be checking in with you often as we have music and Simon in common. Not that I do not appreciate Sting. His “Fragile” acoustic guitar only version did much in the way of healing some years ago.

    • So glad to meet you and I am honored you read and commented on this post. You and I also have something else in common: I wrote yesterday about being “Easily Confused” and … “Walking on the Moon” is a Police song! In any case, I look forward to reading more from you.

  11. Ann, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog. I nominated your blog for the Sunshine award. You my girl, inspire us to be a little better. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much for the appreciation and the nomination, which both mean a great deal to me. You are most welcome, and you’ve inspired me, today!

  12. Glad you got so much out of the concert, Ann xoxo

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