Day 374: We’re doing the best we can

Yesterday, I wrote about giving somebody a prescription that said: “Rx:  Check Engine Light = Guilt.”

If that doesn’t make sense to you, read yesterday’s post, people!

If that still doesn’t make sense, leave me a comment and tell me to get my writing act together, people!

Or, since my readers seem to be kind, considerate, and eager to understand my sometimes unclear or otherwise imperfect writing …. just let me know if anything doesn’t make sense to you, and I shall do my best to clarify.

When I gave that Engine Light Prescription to that person, she mentioned the first prescription I ever gave her, which was this:

Rx:  You’re doing the best you can.

She told me that prescription has helped, and that she’s posted it somewhere when she can easily see it.

That surprised me, momentarily. And I don’t know why it surprised me, actually. Over the course of many years, several people have said they find that prescription useful.

As with any prescription, some people have also told me that it doesn’t work for them.  And that’s fine.  Other prescriptions are available, in that case, that would work better.

Speaking for myself, though, I  find that prescription very useful. When I tell myself that I’m doing the best I can in any particular moment, I find that:

  • Motivating
  • Reassuring
  • Calming, and ….
  • Loving.

To continue my braggy * ways from yesterday’s post, I also recently come up with a brand new prescription! Here it is:

Rx: Replace the word “wrong” with the word “human.”

I’m realizing, right now, that perhaps many of my prescriptions are related. I think that one, above, is related to “You’re doing the best you can.”  What do you think?

Before I end this post, I’d like to show you some photos I’ve taken recently, hoping they fit today’s topic.

Before I show you these photos, I want to let you know that — when I was snapping them (sometimes hastily) —  I was always doing my best to take care of myself and others.** Also,  I am presenting these photos in the order they were taken, and I have not changed these photos in any way***.











Okay!  I didn’t explain any of those images, but if you have any questions, just let me know. If they don’t make sense, I will do my best to clarify.

The remaining question is: did these photos fit the topic?   I think they did, but I would like to say this:

It’s more difficult for me to do my best during the winter months, when the world seems cold and less colorful. It will help me do the best I can today  if I post this photo — a blast from bloggings past****:


Ahhhhhhhh!  Time to get ready for work.

Thanks to all those who do their best, humans everywhere, and — especially — to you, for visiting today.


* While some people kindly pointed out yesterday that my post didn’t seem braggy to me, which I greatly appreciated, today I am using “braggy” proudly.  Yes, I am proud to brag. It’s fun and otherwise highly recommended. Try it!

** For example, some of those photos were taken when I was in my car. Each time, I was at a full stop and not inconveniencing anybody else.

*** The only way I change photos is to crop them. Once or twice, I think I enhanced them for clarity.

**** Which is appropriate, since today IS Throw Back Thursday, according to some cultures.

***** This photo (also unaltered in any way) first appeared here.

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32 thoughts on “Day 374: We’re doing the best we can

  1. Have no clue how the photos were supposed to relate to the prescriptions, but I really enjoyed looking at them! It’s fun to see weather pics from other parts of the States.

    • I have some clues, but that’s because I wrote it, and I assume that people who do have clues will have their own, for their own reasons.

      Anyway, I loved this comment and thanks for reading!

  2. Great photos, Ann. You’ve given me the chance to see Fenway Park in winter, a rare sight, indeed. And this morning I get to discover that you apparently eat your potato pancakes the same way I have since I was a kid. That is, with applesauce AND sour cream on the side. The few restaurants that serve this treat try to make you choose one or the other. To have both is not wrong. It is just human.

    • Mark, because of this comment I would like to give you an award. It’s the Ann Koplow “You’re So cool and Observant I Can’t Stand It” award.

      The obligations of this award are as follows:

      You must experience your high level of coolness and observational skills, in three ways, of your own choice.

      Share this award however you please.

      • I am forever honored and humbled for this award, Ann. I promise to look hard, think hard and write easy.

  3. Ann, you are a riot. It is SO good to see someone who is just being unique. I must admit that somehow I missed yesterday’s post, and yet, I still enjoyed today’s. I have no idea how potato pancakes are served, so Mark’s observation went sailing right over my head. I drink smoothies every morning, which I make myself. Again here too, I have no idea how those are served in restaurants either.

    Thank you for the uplifting “you” post. Have a Great Day, Ann!!

    • Amy! We are even now, because somehow I missed this comment, earlier today. Thank you for your kind, complimentary, and uplifting words. A comment like this helps make my day (or night) great, for sure.

  4. I was simply distracted by much I enjoyed Boston during my one visit and how good the potato pancakes looked. So, I probably missed the point. 🙂

  5. loracdog

    Yay !!! Best that we can in the moment we are in!! Xoxo CG


  6. Any photo would be fitting under “you are doing the best you can” and by saying this I may be revealing its only weakness (if addressed to a frail person who needs self assurance or is too demanding from his/her performance) : it may sound condescending. Because in my case (I am revealing a great deal here) I believe that some people’s best is just not good enough (including myself). And by accepting that you are doing the best you can, you might be giving up trying to excel yourself/performance etc. Because it is the superlative. Nothing above best…
    Now bringing into the equation the word human, kind of softens the blow, since each human is unique and has his/her strong points. But still…

    • Thank you so much for this revealing comment. I understand your points, and — as I said in my post — “You’re doing the best you can” is not helpful for everybody. At the same time, I would say that accepting where you are is a good first step towards achieving your full potential. Accepting that pefection is not possible is NOT the same as giving up trying to excel.

      Does that make sense? In any case, I am so glad that you read and commented today. It means a lot, to see you here.

  7. This was one of my mother´s favorite sayings, so it was nice to see it as the title of your post today.

    • I am so glad to see you today and to also hear about your mother’s love for that saying. Thanks so much for the visit and for the comment.

  8. Especially loved the photos of Fenway Park and Boston Garden because I used to live in Cambridge and work in Boston and know both of those places well. So “doing the best you can” certainly looks good enough to me! 🙂

    • Thanks for this more-than-good-enough comment.

      I got confused at first about “Boston Garden” (because that was the name for the arena where I used to see the Celtics play), but quickly I realized what you meant. So my understanding of your comment wasn’t perfect, at first, but then it was definitely good enough. And I am very grateful for your visit and for your sharing your thoughts.

  9. Love the angle and shot of Fenway Park…it looks so small, perhaps especially so in the winter cold. Nice post.

  10. There’s a beautiful children’s book Make Way for Ducklings that takes place at the Boston Gardens. I showed my boy these shots, reminding him of the story. =)

    • Actually, not too far from the last photo of the public gardens, there are statues of those ducklings. Here are two shots of them. The first image shows how they looked the day I took the photo in my post (the day of the Red Sox parade).
      photo (71) 8318517173_4f3035ccbe_z (1)

  11. Ahh! I like this “replace WRONG with HUMAN” thing. I wonder what my RX would be, hmmm…. I suppose I could probably benefit from all of the ones you have mentioned!
    PS- Don’t freeze! Just read “The Lion Witch and The Wardrobe” and hope for Aslan 😉

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  13. I liked the title . We definitely need to remind ourselves that “We’re doing the best we can” .
    I may be wrong but I believe “PERFECTIONISM” is just an illusion the more we try to achieve it at the cost of other things the more distant it becomes .

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  15. findingmyinnercourage

    Ann, what a unique Blog. Absolutely loved it!

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