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Day 2532: Downs and Ups

Every day has downs and ups, for all of us.

My day included many downs and ups, including

  • worrying about performing a Steely Dan song and an original song at an Open Mic last night,
  • buying a ticket to see Jacob Collier at Boston’s House of Blues in May,
  • losing my lyrics sheet for my original song,
  • reconstructing the lyrics as best I could,
  • reconnecting at the Open Mic with Nat, who co-led groups and co-wrote a song with me last year,
  • feeling empathy for the little girl who cried when she forgot how to play “Jingle Bell Rock” on the electric guitar,
  • two people talking loudly during my introduction to and performance of my first song,
  • those people leaving before my second song,
  • forgetting a chord in “Pretzel Logic,”
  • making it through “Pretzel Logic” and my “country” song, “What’s Keeping Me Up is What’s Going Down,” and
  • cheering for the little girl who returned with her acoustic guitar and played a great “Jingle Bell Rock.”

What downs and ups do you see here?









Here are the downs and ups of my Open Mic performance last night:

I keep writing new lyrics down for “What’s Keeping Me Up is What’s Going Down.” It’s time to put these up on WordPress:

What’s Keeping Me Up is What’s Going Down

by Ann Koplow

What’s keeping me up is what’s going down,

I’m sleepless and hopeless and wearing a frown.

Problems abound, no solutions to be found.

What’s keeping me up is what’s going down.

In my local and the global news

There’s no quick fix I can find to choose.

No matter what your state or views

There’s no relief, just a belief in booze.

What’s keeping me up is what’s going down.

I’m sleepless and hopeless and wearing a frown.

Problems abound, no solutions to be found.

What’s keeping me up is what’s going down.

As I turn to everyone I see

And I ask if they relate to me.

They haven’t got one moment free.

They seem crippled by anxiety.

What’s freaking me out is what’s rushing in.

I’m tired and helpless, no reason to grin.

Fighting with kin, politicians who spin.

What’s freaking me out is what’s rushing in.

As I try to end this song with hope,

Hope seems to be beyond my scope.

Is the answer just to smoke some dope?

When I’m stoned I’m just inclined to mope.

What’s freaking me out is what’s rushing in.

I’m tired and helpless, no reason to grin.

Fighting with kin, politicians who spin.

What’s freaking me out is what’s rushing in.

What’s keeping me up is what’s going down.

© Ann Koplow, 2019

Feel free to write down any thoughts and feelings about downs and ups in the comments section, below.

Now it’s time to get down with gratitude, which always cheers me up!



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Day 2507: What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?  This blog post?

What is Harley looking at?


What am I looking at?  The clock, because I overslept and I’m supposed to be at work early today. I’ve got to get this blog post done!

What are we looking at?  Some of my other photos from yesterday.










I made it!



Thanks to all who helped me create this very quick post for you to look at, here and now.



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Day 1801: What’s bothering us? What do we do about it?

What’s bothering us?

Well, I can’t speak for all of us, but what’s bothering me are the latest headlines from my news feed.

What do I do about it?

When something is bothering me, I do my best to share thoughts, feelings, and images.






Those squiggles on my office whiteboard represent the ups and downs of moods and life, which can bother people.

This video of the Old Philosopher, Eddie Lawrence, helped what was bothering me, Bunky.

What’s bothering you?  What do you do about it?  How about leaving a comment?

Thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! —  no matter what you do about it.


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Day 374: We’re doing the best we can

Yesterday, I wrote about giving somebody a prescription that said: “Rx:  Check Engine Light = Guilt.”

If that doesn’t make sense to you, read yesterday’s post, people!

If that still doesn’t make sense, leave me a comment and tell me to get my writing act together, people!

Or, since my readers seem to be kind, considerate, and eager to understand my sometimes unclear or otherwise imperfect writing …. just let me know if anything doesn’t make sense to you, and I shall do my best to clarify.

When I gave that Engine Light Prescription to that person, she mentioned the first prescription I ever gave her, which was this:

Rx:  You’re doing the best you can.

She told me that prescription has helped, and that she’s posted it somewhere when she can easily see it.

That surprised me, momentarily. And I don’t know why it surprised me, actually. Over the course of many years, several people have said they find that prescription useful.

As with any prescription, some people have also told me that it doesn’t work for them.  And that’s fine.  Other prescriptions are available, in that case, that would work better.

Speaking for myself, though, I  find that prescription very useful. When I tell myself that I’m doing the best I can in any particular moment, I find that:

  • Motivating
  • Reassuring
  • Calming, and ….
  • Loving.

To continue my braggy * ways from yesterday’s post, I also recently come up with a brand new prescription! Here it is:

Rx: Replace the word “wrong” with the word “human.”

I’m realizing, right now, that perhaps many of my prescriptions are related. I think that one, above, is related to “You’re doing the best you can.”  What do you think?

Before I end this post, I’d like to show you some photos I’ve taken recently, hoping they fit today’s topic.

Before I show you these photos, I want to let you know that — when I was snapping them (sometimes hastily) —  I was always doing my best to take care of myself and others.** Also,  I am presenting these photos in the order they were taken, and I have not changed these photos in any way***.











Okay!  I didn’t explain any of those images, but if you have any questions, just let me know. If they don’t make sense, I will do my best to clarify.

The remaining question is: did these photos fit the topic?   I think they did, but I would like to say this:

It’s more difficult for me to do my best during the winter months, when the world seems cold and less colorful. It will help me do the best I can today  if I post this photo — a blast from bloggings past****:


Ahhhhhhhh!  Time to get ready for work.

Thanks to all those who do their best, humans everywhere, and — especially — to you, for visiting today.


* While some people kindly pointed out yesterday that my post didn’t seem braggy to me, which I greatly appreciated, today I am using “braggy” proudly.  Yes, I am proud to brag. It’s fun and otherwise highly recommended. Try it!

** For example, some of those photos were taken when I was in my car. Each time, I was at a full stop and not inconveniencing anybody else.

*** The only way I change photos is to crop them. Once or twice, I think I enhanced them for clarity.

**** Which is appropriate, since today IS Throw Back Thursday, according to some cultures.

***** This photo (also unaltered in any way) first appeared here.

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