Day 3079: Compliments

Many people I know — through therapy and elsewhere — are uncomfortable with compliments and often don’t believe or even recognize compliments when they receive them.

I hope wonderful blogger Mark Bialczak and his lovely wife Karen consider it a compliment that I always want to spend time with them when they are visiting Cape Cod. Yesterday, I drove many miles and minutes to spend a delightful few hours with them and their adorable, 10-year-old rescue dog Ellie B.

As we spent time together in beautiful Dennis Port, Mark and I gave each other compliments about our blogs — which both are experiencing dwindling readership. Also, Mark — who used to review music for many years at the big daily newspaper in Syracuse — gave me inspiring and almost- hard-for-me to-believe compliments about my original songs which, honestly, meant the world to me.

I hope everybody considers it a compliment that I wanted to capture all these images of a fabulous day and to share them with you, here and now:

If the noble and irresistible Ellie B read my blog, I assume she’d consider it a compliment that I took so many photos of her yesterday.

I wanted to specifically compliment Karen on her “diamond painting” ..

… which Mark called “my wife’s beading.”

Mark also complimented me yesterday on my Twitter interactions, so I feel more confident sharing these with you today:

It’s more difficult being nice when you’re uncomfortable and our central air conditioning is not working, just in time for a heat wave here. I have to compliment my husband, Michael, who still cooked for me last night …

… and who is going to try to fix our air conditioning system today by locating and replacing the air filter, which is probably somewhere here:

I’m sure our air conditioning system …

… doesn’t consider it a compliment that we’ve never replaced the filter in the FOUR years we’ve been here.

Here’s one of my original songs that I performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, which Mark complimented me on yesterday:

I’ll consider it a great compliment if you comment on this blog post, below.

I’m grateful for all compliments, for great friendships, and, of course, for YOU!

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23 thoughts on “Day 3079: Compliments

  1. My compliments on zooming in on the “Please do not throw rocks” sign. I wanted to know what it said!

  2. Kelly Haran

    Looks like a lovely way to spend the day! Ellie is a real cutie. That ice cream looks fantastic. Please accept my compliment on a wonderful post. 🙂

  3. Debbie T

    I really like that Succulent Rainbows jigsaw puzzle and thought I’d try to get one. White Mountain Puzzles is currently out of stock on their site. I checked on Amazon: they do have one for double (triple?) the regular price, so I’ll pass on that. But it’s amazing how many other companies have similar rainbow or colorful succulent puzzles. I’ll consider my options.

  4. puella33

    Ann, you look so rejuvenated in that picture of you sitting at the outdoor table.

  5. they are the nicest couple ever and i feel lucky to have spent part of a day with both of them once. glad you were all together, it seems you may have invigorated each other and so happy to hear there were well deserved compliments all around.

  6. What a fantastic gathering! 🙂 And I love the song (been awhile since I heard it!)

  7. Definitely a compliment, and I like the images of Ellie B.. Rescue dogs have a noble soul to them.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing the photos and story of our wonderful time together, Ann! It was a fantastic way to finish up our Cape Cod getaway 2021. I’m late reading and commenting because yesterday was spent packing in Massachusetts, driving back, and unpacking in New York … now back to my usual blog schedule! Again, thank you for all you do in person and in the blog world!

    • Compliments and thanks for the wonderful time, my good friend, and here’s to more wonderful times ahead!

  9. Some of us spend our childhoods learning that accepting compliments indicates unacceptable pride, then our adulthood realising how nurturing they are – and how non-acceptance deprives the giver.

  10. How wonderful to have spent a lovely day with Mark, Karen, and Ellie B., Ann. It must have been a truly special day. I’m also glad Mark could give you a direct compliment on your original music. Now if you can just figure out a good way to get your songs on Twitter, you’ll have created an excellent way to combine, and showcase your many talents!

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