Day 2886: Fairy Tales

When I was young, I read many fairy tales, including the ones in the Brown Fairy Tale Book, Green Fairy Tale Book, and the other colors of Fairy Tale Books illustrated by the amazing Arthur Rackham.

I wonder if that’s why I believe that life could be like a fairy tale with

  • heroes,
  • quests,
  • suffering,
  • surprises,
  • learning,
  • growth,
  • love,
  • rewards for kindness, and
  • the triumph of good over evil.

I especially remember the Grimm brothers’ tale of The Fisherman and His Wife (found here) which I have been quoting to Michael with increasing frequency over the past four years. This is a story of escalating greed, selfishness, hubris, overreach, narcissism, and ultimate retribution, where somebody wishes for more and more absurd amounts of wealth and power, until they get what they deserve.

Because of all the tales I read as a kid, I’ve believed that narcissism and greed, while perhaps succeeding spectacularly for a while, ultimately would not win.

And I was right. At least for now.

Do you see fairy tales in today’s images?

Here’s the tale of The Fisherman and his Wife.

Here’s a video showing the art of Arthur Rackham:

Today, I am happily ever after thanking all who help me concoct the tales in this daily blog, including YOU!

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18 thoughts on “Day 2886: Fairy Tales

  1. Hi Ann, I love fairy tales, but they are dark and scary. However, I come visit you and there is light and happiness. I can always count on that! I hope you have a magical day filled with delightful surprises.

  2. Really enjoyed the Turkey pardon tweet.

  3. I love fairy tales too and have the Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray, and Brown Fairy Books on my shelf right now. What’s funny is I think I was first introduced to them by Sesame Street and the “Fractured Fairy Tales” of Rocky and Bullwinkle, which, although fun, only heightened my appreciation for the originals.

  4. puella33

    Our situation is more like A tale of Two Cities Have a nice day, Ann

  5. Arthur Rackham is great. What memories from the Fisherman and his Wife fairy tale!

  6. I am enjoying the comments of your other readers, Ann. I concur with each! Happy Thanksgiving. I’m very thankful for many things, among them YOU!

  7. Ahh…I love fairy tales. But my life ain’t nothing close to a fairy tale. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours, my dear friend 😻🌈❤️

  8. I am so glad I am not the ruler of the universe … and though not extravagantly rich, I have all that I need. The fairytale was darling … so beautifully told in a child’s voice. Thank you for sharing. I love fairytales and the lessons they teach us!

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