Day 2885: Exhausting

It’s exhausting how exhausted everybody is from

  • the news,
  • the coronavirus,
  • Donald Trump,
  • perpetrators,
  • enablers,
  • liars,
  • deniers,
  • disappointment,
  • loss,
  • social injustice and inequalities,
  • systemic racism, and
  • hate.

Even though life is so exhausting today, we have to keep fighting together for a better life tomorrow. However, don’t forget to rest along the exhausting way ahead.

Thankfully, I don’t find blogging exhausting. It’s the opposite of exhausting to connect with you and to share images like these:

What’s been exhausting you? How are you taking care of yourself during these exhausting times?

Here’s Jai’Len Josey singing “Exhausting.”

Besides “Exhausting,” Jai’Len Josey also sang “My Mind” nine months ago, which she shared on my birthday.

When I first saw that today, I assumed she recorded it during this exhausting pandemic, but that was more than a month before we all started losing our minds together.

Expressing gratitude is also the opposite of exhausting, so thanks to all who help me get through these exhausting times, including YOU.

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28 thoughts on “Day 2885: Exhausting

  1. Thank you for being here for us, Ann.

  2. I feel less exhausted after spending time with you Ann! ❤

  3. Insightful as always – thanks!!

  4. puella33

    I always look forward to your blogs, I find them refreshing . What I also find exhausting it that I’m looking for a puppy, and there are so many scams. I did not realize it was so difficult as I see everyone walking with a dog. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. I love your pictures of Boston by night

  5. when you are exhausted take a break, and come back when ready, emotionally, mentally, physically, or all 3. without a break from it, nothing will get done anyway and you will be done.

  6. Wearing masks and changing presidents and winter coming and people getting nasty online are all exhausting, but it’s people like you and me and your followers who will straighten things out sooner or later. Being a rock is exhausting!

  7. I’ve had an exhausting day of yard work but after just a few minutes here I feel refreshed.

  8. I think you point us in a very good direction, Ann, referencing the need for rest. I am indeed exhausted. Sometimes I’m quite confused as to why! I’m not nearly as engaged in “outside activities” as I was just a few months ago, but i probably don’t stop often enough to consider how much exhaustion comes from the tension of our conditions! I’m definitely poised to get some added rest over the next few days. I’m not hosting Thanksgiving for the first time in 45 years. I miss my family, but i don’t miss the work involved. It’s a decent trade-off this year. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week, too. 😀

  9. Thank you Ann, and thank you, Harley

  10. These times are completely enervating…no two ways about it. I find I often wake in the morning feeling utterly exhausted, and that is SO not me. Watched Biden’s announcement of his cabinet picks yesterday and feel a rush of enthusiasm. Hopefully a harbinger of things to come. May you have a relaxing, restorative holiday, Ann!

  11. May you all get second wind over there

  12. The President pardoned a turkey, hope he pardons himself. All this is exhausting for Harley, who awaits the nomination to the Nobel prize, and this year might be the Poet Laureate.

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