Day 329: Doing it differently

When I woke up this morning, this is what I found:

  • It’s cold, outside.
  • It’s dark, outside.
  • The heat, inside, isn’t working the way I would expect.

This is the way I have reacted to that same scenario, many times before:

With fear. With a sense of powerlessness. Feeling alone.

This is what I’m telling myself, this morning:

It’s okay.  It’s warm enough inside. If there is a problem, you and other people will figure it out and fix it.

And I believed it, almost immediately.

That seemed different.

In this post, I want to include one more example of “doing it differently.”

On Friday, I observed the 50th anniversary of (1) President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and (2) my first heart surgery and cardiac pacemaker implantation, at age 10.

That day, I received an e-mail from a very dear, long-time friend. Here’s an excerpt from that e-mail:

You are on my mind today, and I wanted to tell you about a dream I had a few nights ago. It was the day of your surgery, fifty years ago, and you were a kid again, and I was a kid too, right there with you. We were waiting together in the hospital for Ann, who seemed to be your twin sister, to come out of surgery. The doctor came out and told us that everything had gone well, and that Ann would live a long, long and wonderful life. We were really glad! It was a great dream.

I am very moved by that dream, that my friend dreamed for me,  of doing it differently. It reminds me of this: There are many, many ways to do things differently.

Starting today.

What are some visuals, for “doing it differently”?  Let’s check “Google Images.”

Lots to choose from!

Image*   Image**     Image***




There were so many images, I had trouble deciding.

Sometimes, though, words are worth a thousand pictures.  A few more, from my friend’s e-mail:

You are the girl who lived. Something really big and scary and powerful was after you, but you prevailed.

As we all prevail, with help from others.

Many thanks to my friend, to dreamers everywhere, to all who do it differently,  and to you — of course! — for reading today.


* From Kylie Legge and “In Public Space We Trust.”

** From Living with RA.

*** From “good morning” creativity.

**** From Practical Pages.

***** From Theridion.

****** From birdwings.

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21 thoughts on “Day 329: Doing it differently

  1. Debbie Terman

    “You are the girl who lived.” I love it — like Harry Potter! He was “the boy who lived” and you are the girl! Do you do magic?

  2. Open Up Life

    A great post for today! It is gloomy, windy and cold here in Florida! Hope you get your heat fixed. Do you have any thermal blankets? Candles give heat too, but I guess you would have to have a lot. How cold is it there?

    • Thanks for all you wrote in this comment. It is much appreciated.

      It is 25 degrees Fahrenheit right now; it was even colder this morning when I wrote this post. The temperature inside was bearable — I was just surprised and concerned that the radiators weren’t hot! Thanks for your concern.

  3. clayton paul

    This is very well done, Ann! Here’s another example of looking at things differently. Sometimes, the time to “worry” is when things are going too smoothly in life! We have a God who always ALLOWS the ones whom He loves to be tested and tried so as to build up our abilities to withstand the negative things of this world.

    If everything is too “quite,” we may need to wonder why…

    Take care and enjoy your day.

  4. panikikubik

    What a wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  5. Wonderful inspiration, thank you!
    BTW I’ll trade my relentless 60-degree California weather for your 25-degree days 🙂

  6. Wonderful post Ann. Reminds me to be grateful for all the things that I have survived and to enjoy every day . And when I get grumpy or scared , return to that gratitude and ” do it differently”. There is ALWAYS a choice about our attitude. It is cold , dark and cold in my house as I am writing this. But hey, I am drinking warm coffee, wearing 3 sweaters and a robe I am warm….and I have a connection to amazing people all over the world , like you Ann. Let´s have a great day , it will be bright soon!!!

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  9. to “the girl who lived”, u write beautifully.
    P.S thank you for following Globe Scope

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