Day 328: Limits

It’s time for a post of random thoughts!   Today’s topic is “limits.”

Here are some thoughts on limits, this morning:

I have both strengths and limits. I assume you do, too.

Limits are human, so there is no shame in having them.

We can choose to push limits, to develop new strengths.

We can choose to go with our strengths, and respect our limits.

Setting limits with other people (“I can do this, but I can’t do that”)  can be a real strength.

Hmmm. I’m feeling the need for an example, or at least an image, right now.

Let’s see what I have on my iPhone.

Here’s a photo I took at work last week, of a sign posted on a door:


Voila!  An example of How to Set Limits.

Here’s another image, from the whiteboard in my office:


I see an exploration of limits and strengths there, for sure.

Now, let’s see what Google images has for “limits,” today.


That image, which I chose from many others,  is from  According to that website, which I just visited for the first time, Mark Black is a “Heart and Double-Lung Transplant Recipient turned 4-Time Marathon Runner” who has been “inspiring and motivating audiences for years with his unique brand of humour, authentic delivery and powerful insights.”


Hmmmm. I know when I came up with this topic, this morning, I was hoping to make a few other points, too.

I can’t remember what those were, now.  I guess that’s a reflection of the limits of my memory. However, as I often tell people who lose their train of thought: That thought will come back to you, if it’s important enough. If it doesn’t, you’ll have other thoughts, that are equally important.

Here’s a thought I know is important, because it (somehow) inspired the whole topic today.

In yesterday’s post —  Will, Part Deux — I made these points, which people seemed to appreciate:

I don’t have to do a perfect [last will and testament].  I mean, people will forgive me if they feel slighted or inconvenienced by my will .

And if they don’t forgive me, so what?  I’ll be dead.

Today, I would like to push the limits of those points. That is, I’d like to expand them, like so:

I don’t have to do a perfect [anything].  I mean people will forgive if me if they feel slighted or inconvenienced by [anything I say or do].

And if they don’t forgive me, so what?  I’ll still be alive.

Okay! Time to end this post, limits and all.

Thanks to Mark Black, to people who push, accept, and set limits every day, and to you– of course! — for reading today.

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15 thoughts on “Day 328: Limits

  1. ELW Essence

    Love this idea of strengths! Thank you

  2. Gede Prama

    Thank you… @Ann Koplow, ^_^
    kindness blossoms in your heart

  3. Love this post!! It’s both about expanding our limits AND setting boundaries! YES I can, and NO I can’t. Thank you very much! More great insights, my friend.

  4. Hi Ann,
    When I saw the number 328 on the top of today’s post I felt a little twinge of anxiety. We are getting alarmingly close to 365. Will you be helping us prepare to let go? Or might you decide to continue your blog (my preference!)? I was a late-comer to The Year of Living Non-Judgmentally but I’ve randomly read many of your prior posts and have always found something useful to ponder.

    In the spirit of this holiday week, I give thanks for the many gifts of your humanness, wit and wisdom.


    • Hi Kit,

      Thanks so much for your thoughts and thanks — all greatly appreciated. I am not sure what I’m going to do. I will definitely put a cap on the year. However, blogging has been so helpful to me, I’ll probably figure out a way to keep going, in some way.


  5. Great post! I had to laugh (“….I guess that’s a reflection of the limits of my memory.”) and also enjoyed the smart turns… and this is the best: “And if they don’t forgive me, so what? I’ll still be alive.” Exactly!! BTW, I believe in pushing my limits, and doing things I’m afraid of, because overcoming the inner resistance and doubts strengthens the self-confidence extremely.

  6. I go back and forth between pushing my limits like crazy and then cowering in self-doubt and cowardice. Finding the balance between those two is always the goal– learning to deal with the fact that you might upset people but will “still be alive” is definitely a liberating lesson.
    Love the honesty of the haphazardness in this post 🙂

    • Love the phrase “honesty of the haphazardness” — and the rest of this comment, too, Aussa. Thanks so much for the gift of you.

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