Day 1965: Finding room for you, me and the stuff

Yesterday, in a welcoming room in Newton Massachusetts, I was finding this, among other stuff:


I love finding things, knowing that there’s always room for you, me and the stuff here.

Whatever stuff there is, it’s smart not to stuff it.  There’s room for you and me to express our stuff, no matter how smelly and improper that stuff might be. Don’t forget:  we can always choose to let our stuff go.

I’m now finding room for all the other stuff in yesterday’s photos.
















I’m finding welcome room for my stuff here, even when I don’t know what it is (like the stuff in that last photo).

Here‘s room for George Carlin to talk about stuff.

You’ll be finding room for comments, below.

As always, I’m finding room for thanks to Newton, George Carlin, stuff, and YOU.



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16 thoughts on “Day 1965: Finding room for you, me and the stuff

  1. Your stuff is always worth reading and looking at 🙂

  2. You always share the most wonderful stuff, and the combination of Carlin and The Improper Bostonian shows you’re not stuffy. All this talk about stuff reminds me of The Stuff, a film about stuff that seeps up from underground and turns people into monsters. It’s directed by Larry Cohen, who’s known for his quirky B-pictures. Someone I know in the film industry has told me Cohen is a really nice guy and a pleasure to work with, which is the sort of stuff I always enjoy learning.

    • You always share the most wonderful stuff, Chris, and your comment reminds me about being in film school in the 1980s and my friend Janet asking me to watch “The Stuff” and my babbling about the new movie “The Stuff” and her looking at me with wonder and concern, since she just wanted me to watch the stuff/film equipment she had with her while she went and did something else. It’s great to learn all this stuff about “The Stuff” so many years later.

  3. “There’s room for you and me to express our stuff, no matter how smelly and improper that stuff might be”- I hope you’re not talking about me!

  4. That blue house has the most amazing shakes. It’s stuff like that that makes me happy to wander around with you and your camera. Happy Shavuot. Don’t forget to have some ice cream!

    • Thanks for all the stuff in this comment, Maureen. I didn’t forget to have an ice cream Sundae on Friday.

  5. I think your stuff is totally cool beans!

  6. Barb

    Sometimes I look around and feel overwhelmed by my “stuff”. Each spring I try to haul out a bit more. Sometimes it grows back.

    • I downsized when we moved last year, Barb, and now I can’t find a lot of my stuff. Maybe it will grow back!

  7. No matter how beautiful the rest of the stuff in your post today is, Ann, I will not be trying the Oatly Oat Milk, thank you.

  8. I love that George Carlin bit! When we were putting our New York condo on the market, we whittled down our stuff to a precious few, by donating and discarding and taking some of it to Pennsylvania. Now we need to sell the PA place. So back to donating, discarding and sending some of it to Florida. Sigh. 🙄

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