Day 1592: Mug Shots

My first shot at writing today’s post is defining the term “mug shot.”

mug shot
noun: mugshot
a photograph of a person’s face made for an official purpose, especially police records.
any photograph of a person’s face.

If this mug wrote that “mug shot” definition, I would have added this:


any  photograph of a mug

… because I collect and also photograph mugs.


I wanted to start off this mug-shots post with that particular mug shot, because

  • we’re going to move, so we need to pack up all our belongings, including our many mugs,
  • I’ve been struggling to balance trust lately, because of all the mugs and mugging in the news, and
  • if you took a mug shot of my face, it might show worry, acceptance, fear, contentment, confusion, trust, distrust, anticipation, anger, hope, excitement, sadness, or happiness, depending upon the moment of the mug shot.

I think it’s helpful to show on your mug what you’re feeling inside.

Because I knew that today’s post was going to be “Mug Shots,’ I took lots of  mug shots yesterday.








That last mug shot inspires me to share this version of “I’ve Just Seen a Face.”

I’ve just seen a face in the mirror and it looks very grateful, for all who helped me create this post and — of course! — for YOU.


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29 thoughts on “Day 1592: Mug Shots

  1. I hope the move goes well, and there is room for all the mugs

  2. I like the owl. 😊

  3. I drink my morning coffee from my mug the size of my head, Ann. It lets my own mug settle into some sort of expression fit to face the world. 😮

  4. Barb

    I dont get the chance to comment that I love your blogs…..they get me thinking and bring a smile to my face

  5. Your mog is my cup of tea, Ann..

  6. You piqued my curiosity about the history of “mug” meaning “face” and you can imagine the delight on my mug when I found this in the OED: “perhaps in allusion to the drinking mugs made to represent a grotesque human face which were common in the 18th cent.”.
    I want one of those mugs but being left-handed I may need a custom one. Most mugs are made for right-handers so whatever is printed on them that’s supposed to be turned outward instead faces my mug.
    Needless to say you’re tops in my mug book, which the OED tells me is “a book in which business or professional people publicize themselves and are exhibited in flattering photographs”.

  7. Moving! I must have missed something, and I hate to miss anything! Can’t think of a “mug” comment that fits.

  8. You certainly have the “mug” for this post! Pack away!

  9. Congratulations on the upcoming move Ann. I expect more water views and interesting shots of mugs in your new surroundings. 💛

  10. I love my mugs. Not my mug. But definitely my mugs.

  11. Happy moving Ann! Although moving rates high in stress levels, I know your mugs will make it through. ❤
    Diana xo

  12. Glad you found a house. I hope it fits you r life and you r mug and you’re happy in it. The nice thing about blogging is that even with the move, you’ll be right here.

  13. I am a Crime registrar and I know what mugshot means… haha! Police officers took those and send it to me.
    Now, I will take mugshots too, just like your blog suggests.

  14. wishing you
    and your mugs
    ease & joy
    in the moving 🙂

  15. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay mug shots!!! i git those tayken all the time!!! yoozhually just befor i git tossd into jail with bugs bunny!!! ha ha ok bye

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