Day 1425: Family

Yesterday, I spent many hours with my boyfriend Michael’s family celebrating Thanksgiving.

Here’s  the family of photos I took at his sister’s home and his brother’s home.  Which ones say “family” to you?
















Kayla, the daughter of  Michael’s brother John (a/k/a Moe) IS awesome and yesterday she and I had a conversation, surrounded by her family,  about the pros and cons of marriage.  If I did marry into that family, I’d certainly have lots of blogging material.

What family music would you include here?

Fantastic thanks to Michael’s family including his siblings Lydia, Steve, Martin, and John; to his niece Kayla and the rest of his extended family;  to friends of the Malone family;  to Sister Sledge; to everyone else who helped me create this family-valued post;  and to you — of course! — for being a member of my blogging family, here and now.

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25 thoughts on “Day 1425: Family

  1. Siblings though raised the same by their parents are never the same in character or thought. You have captured a piece of each one in this wonderful family and how well they mesh together as one unit. I am sure their parents are so proud of them. They are now knitting you into the tread of their blanket. It will keep you warm in the cold and bring sunshine into your life along with love. I can’t choose one or even a few of the photos. Every single photo and the music you chose screams family. Congratulations you have found another family to add to your own and it will make life more beautiful for all. Kudos!!!

    • This wonderful comment will keep me warm in the cold and bring sunshine into my life along with love! I’m so grateful you’re part of my blogging family.

  2. All these pictures speak to me in one way or another of friendship. There’s an old saying that you can choose your friends but not your family, but really your friends, the people who care about you, are your family.

  3. I LOVE that love blanket. So many interesting things to see in these photos- looks like a great day Ann. Have a good weekend 😀

  4. Nice blog and pictures. Sometimes friends are family and surprise! Family can be friends. Looks like a nice warm huggable bunch. I’m glad you/they found each other.

  5. Holy smokes! What great family pictures! I love your thoughtful eye has captured everything — family, history, the armed service, a hand painted picture, kids — it’s what Thanksgiving is all about. It’s what LIFE is all about. Everything, all the time. Happy Day of Thanks, gf!

  6. Looks like a great bunch! Too bad they couldn’t get a big enough tv for the football game! <3. Sunny 😎

  7. I must have family in that household…

  8. Wow, these people are…football fans, huh? I love the Gumby chair and the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid poster. I tried to buy one of those off the theatre in town when the movie first came out (remember that it was *a little* shocking that Sundance yelled ‘shhh*****ttt’ from cliff top to creek in one of the final leaps. Time rolls on! Looks like you had a great day!

  9. The first one, of course 🙂 and the height measurement wall

  10. J

    I cast my vote for marriage!!!!

  11. Our family is in the process of trying to find itself. Perhaps, in time, it will.

  12. Love 💛

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