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Day 2339: Fun for the whole fam

When I was at Marshall’s the other day with my fam but not with my fam-ous cell phone, I took this photo with a fam member’s phone:

The next day, I saw this whole fam of snowy egrets having fun close to where I live with my fam.

I didn’t want to disturb the fun of that whole fam, so I hope I got close enough for you to have fun with those photos.

Here are some fun photos of MY fam:


How about sharing a fun photo or story about your fam, below? And remember, it’s your choice who is part of your fam.

Here’s a whole fun song about fam:

Fun thanks for being part of my whole blogging fam, here and now.

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Day 1425: Family

Yesterday, I spent many hours with my boyfriend Michael’s family celebrating Thanksgiving.

Here’s  the family of photos I took at his sister’s home and his brother’s home.  Which ones say “family” to you?
















Kayla, the daughter of  Michael’s brother John (a/k/a Moe) IS awesome and yesterday she and I had a conversation, surrounded by her family,  about the pros and cons of marriage.  If I did marry into that family, I’d certainly have lots of blogging material.

What family music would you include here?

Fantastic thanks to Michael’s family including his siblings Lydia, Steve, Martin, and John; to his niece Kayla and the rest of his extended family;  to friends of the Malone family;  to Sister Sledge; to everyone else who helped me create this family-valued post;  and to you — of course! — for being a member of my blogging family, here and now.

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