Day 2318: How did that get there?

How did I get here, to this 2318th day of consecutive blogging, without writing a post titled “How did that get there?”  I get that there were two thousand, three hundred, and seventeen other worthy titles to share,  but I’m often wondering, “how did that get there?”

Indeed, yesterday I wondered that very thing when I looked at my calendar for the day:


I wondered, “How did that  ‘X’ get there at 3 AM?” I also wondered, “How did that extra ‘l’ get there in John Mulaney‘s name?”

How did the other new photos on my iPhone get there?













How did that get there? My niece, Victoria, and I were wondering last night how our country got here and we shared how we get back to hope and happiness by watching, among other things,  RuPaul’s Drag Race and John Mulaney stand-up routines.

Pete Davidson got to the audience last night by revealing the ending of Avengers: Endgame without issuing a spoiler alert.  It gets to me how Pete Davidson’s father, who was a New York City Firefighter, died in the September 11 attacks when Pete was just seven years old.  Pete got to that in his stand-up routine last night.

John Mulaney, in his stand-up routine, got to how he got there last night at Boston’s Wilbur Theater. He was there to raise money for My Brother’s Table, a Lynn, Massachusetts-based charity that his Nana has been volunteering at for years.   His Nana, who was in the audience, got to see her grandson give a great show.

How did John Mulaney and Pete Davidson get to be such good friends when they are SO different?  Here they are together on Saturday Night Live:

How did this Larry King interview with John Mulaney get here? It showed up right after the video above.

How did this amazing SNL skit written by John Mulaney get there?

How do readers’ comments get there?  See below.

How does gratitude get here, every day? I look for it, wherever I go.


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28 thoughts on “Day 2318: How did that get there?

  1. Thank you for getting to us this morning, Ann.

  2. How did we ever get lucky enough to connect to you

  3. I think your gratitude gets here every day because it never leaves you. ❤

  4. I wish I could get there to see John Mulaney and Pete Davidson!

  5. I was just thinking how did it already get to be the month of May, and then I read your vitals = 2,354th day of consecutive blogging, that is something to be proud and impressed with. Beautiful, Ann, we are all very grateful for you.

    • As we are all very grateful for you, Randall, and your beautiful blog. Thanks so much for getting here.

  6. I wish I could get there to see some comedians!

  7. I can see how Pete Davidson and John Mulaney got to be such good friends but still wonder how they found each other. I can only guess that it was SNL that brought them together, and they were lucky to be there.
    As for me I’m happy to be here but I’d be happier to be there seeing them or, better yet, seeing you perform.

    • I’m very lucky that we can get to each other, Chris.

    • Chris, how can I get my comments to appear there on your blog? At this point, I can’t comment from my laptop or my iPhone. How did we get here?

      • Ann, something weird was going on with my blog that was putting all comments in moderation. I’m not technically savvy enough to know how I got there but I think I’ve gotten back.

  8. Just follow the yellow brick road.

  9. I have no idea!

  10. Stuffed if I know

  11. I can’t remember how we got to follow each other

  12. It got here nevertheless…

  13. I would enjoy seeing Eddie Izzard in a live performance. And I didn’t know anything about Pete Davidson’s childhood. I agree with you about the absolute need to find ways to let go of stress. I am sure you had a great evening out. I was late, but I did get here! 🙂

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