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Day 1479: Open Up

I’m going to open up today’s blog with a photo I already opened up in yesterday’s post.


If you open up that greeting card, “You are AWFUL” opens up into something much more positive. I now open up this post to guesses about what you’d see if you open up that card.  If you open up a comment below, I’ll open up with an answer.

I want to open up about several other issues:

  1. Later today I’ll be seeing my Primary Care Physician, whom I’ve been opening up to for many years.
  2. I’m going to open up to her that I might not be feeling well enough to open up my work schedule to a full 36 hours per week in February, as previously planned.
  3. I’m still  recovering from being opened up for a heart valve replacement last September.
  4. I’m glad that I was opened up under the Affordable Care Act, since I’ve had a pre-existing heart condition since I first opened up my eyes.
  5. My boyfriend opened up our toilet yesterday to replace a different kind of leaky valve.
  6. That opened up a can of worms, so I’ll be opening up my cell phone today to call a plumber.

It’s time to open up all the photos I took yesterday.






I shall now open up YouTube to see if I can open up suitable music for this “Open Up” post.

Is there anything  you choose to open up about, here and now? As I discover in every therapy group I open up, opening up to other people helps our lives open up in many ways.

Finally, I’d like to open up my heart and show the gratitude within to all who helped me open up in this post and to you  — of course! — for opening up my blog, today.

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