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Day 1243: Today I am exactly where I am supposed to be

When it was exactly 907 days prior to today, I wrote a post titled  Day 336:You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Yesterday, when I saw this …


… I knew it was up to me to write today’s post.

Today I am exactly where I am supposed to be because I am

  • home in Boston, after consulting with Dr. Carole Warnes at the Mayo Clinic about my very unusual heart,
  • getting more used to the idea of heart valve replacement surgery in September back at the Mayo Clinic,
  • with those I love,
  • ready to go back to work, and
  • writing my daily blog post, with my faithful cat Oscar on my lap.

Are these photos from yesterday exactly where they are supposed to be?
















I am exactly sure that my name is misspelled above, but Ann Koplow is still exactly where she is supposed to be.

Are you exactly where you are supposed to be?

Now I am exactly at the end of this post — where I am supposed to thank all those who help  me blog (including you, of course) — so I shall



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Day 580: Not there yet

“Not there yet” just popped into my head, as the title for today’s post.

Next thought, there:  Are We There Yet? is yet  another tune I adore, by Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays.

(That YouTube video is there yet)

I am not there yet, regarding:

  •  my new and breezy snooze-atron/Sandman “Sam”/CPAP machine.  In other words, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is just not there yet, while I’m sleeping.  I may need a different mask.
  • my capacity to whole-heartedly accept and believe compliments (and other positives) and to not fear envy (and other perceived dangers). Yet, there’s obvious progress there.
  • the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. My son and I are leaving on a jet plane for Scotland, in mid-August.
  • my ability to respond back to people — here and elsewhere — quickly and perfectly. I’m not there yet and I never will be.

I may not be there yet, regarding all those things (and more), but …

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

And I’m glad I’m there, because many I love are there, too.

Here are  some photos from where I was, yesterday:

map1 IMG_7623

IMG_7628 IMG_7629  IMG_7630 IMG_7631 IMG_7633 IMG_7636 IMG_7637 IMG_7638 IMG_7639

Are we there yet?

Thanks to all, no matter where you are.

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