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Day 3092: Questions

In case you haven’t noticed, I ask a lot of questions.

That last question is one we are trying to answer in a training group at a group psychotherapy conference I’m attending this weekend through ZOOM.

Do you see any questions in the photos I took yesterday?


The Daily Bitch (who seems to have a lot of answers) sometimes asks questions, too.

This is the first thing I find when I search YouTube for “questions.”

Any questions?

Unquestionable thanks for reading this “questions” post, here and now.

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Day 2645: Following the hearts

Yesterday, when I was outside in the fresh air, walking around with my heart of hearts, Michael, I noticed hearts on the doors and windows of our neighborhood.









Michael and I exchanged some heart-felt speculations about what those hearts meant. We both believed, in our hearts, that this display of hearts was related to the coronavirus.

When I saw somebody outside this house with hearts …


… I asked her (from a distance) what the hearts meant.  She said, “We have health care workers in the neighborhood, so we are showing solidarity, love, and appreciation for the work they are doing for us during these times.”  She also pointed out that people were sharing their hearts with the children in the neighborhood by participating in a social-distanced bear-spotting scavenger hunt.  I looked around, and my heart rejoiced to see this:



I followed my heart  to capture  other images, which I now send from my heart to yours:










As we enjoyed that heart-healthy meal last night, Michael and I followed our hearts to watch the wonderful movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.   Here  is heart-felt music from the film, composed by Tan Dun and featuring Yo-Yo Ma on cello.

Please follow your heart to the comments section, below.

Every day, I follow my heart here to express my gratitude to YOU.


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Day 430: What I learned at the group therapy conference

Here’s a quick (and incomplete) list of what I learned, over the last two days, at the group psychotherapy conference I attended in Boston:

  1. Helpful words to remember, before starting something new: “You are about to sail into the unknown.  It is wise to be cautious when first meeting strangers. Look around for a familiar face, in order to feel safer.”
  2. Yo-Yo Ma once said, “Good things happen when you meet strangers.”

I think that about covers it, for now.

Thanks to Yo-Yo Ma,


to Wikipedia (for the above photo), to the strange and the familiar, to everybody I met at the conference, to anyone who ever gets confused by how-the-heck the featured image for my post relates to the topic, and to you — of course! — for reading today.

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