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Day 171: I Look

Yesterday, I picked up some new glasses at Eye Look, in Lexington, MA.  I first went to Eye Look about six years ago, when a co-worker at my previous job — who had the coolest glasses, ever — recommended them.

This is Nora.  She is an eyeglass frame artiste, of the first order:


While I didn’t get Nora in perfect focus with that photo, maybe I can do a better job in words.

I love working with Nora, because she looks at your face, goes away, comes back with amazing frames, tries them on you, looks at you again, goes away, comes back with more amazing frames, and so on, until you are wearing the most flattering frames ever, that fit you in every way.

When I went through that process with Nora before, this was the result:


Obviously, you’re not getting the full effect of what an incredible match these glasses are for me. Nevertheless,  I hope you can see how great the frames are.  I get compliments on them all the time. I often feel like I actually look BETTER with these glasses on, than without them.  And that’s a pretty reparative experience for me, especially considering that when I first got glasses — in 4th grade — Nora wasn’t in my life, and those first frames put a sudden halt to the developing interest (even some marriage proposals) I’d started getting from the boys in my class.

I was considering searching for pictures of those 4th grade frames — or similar ones — to illustrate my point, but … no.  Instead, I’ll show you my second pair of Nora-facilitated frames, which I picked up yesterday:


Again, the model isn’t ideal, but I hope you can see how special those frames are, too.  I love them, with a love that is true.

Nora is a genius.

Paul is the other genius at Eye Look:


After Nora helps you choose the frames you will love with all your heart for all time, Paul does everything necessary to make sure that those frames fit perfectly — for good looks and for optimal vision.

Even better: both Paul and Nora make the whole process fun, comfortable, and interesting.

I’ve written about how much I appreciate working with people who are kind and who are good at what they do. (See here, here, and here for other posts about “members of my team.”) As I’m writing about Paul and Nora, this morning, I’m also thinking about another characteristic I value in others: a passion for the work, whatever it is.

Thanks, Nora and Paul.

Now, I’d like to take this opportunity to show you some of the images I’ve been seeing lately, as I’ve looked at the world through Nora-and-Paul frames:


This is Mount Auburn Cemetery, in Cambridge, one of my favorite places to walk and visit. (Mount Auburn Cemetery has made a previous appearance in this blog, here.) I took the above picture a couple of weekends ago, when I went there with my son.

More shots from that day at Mount Auburn Cemetery:



Later that day, my son and I walked around Watertown, MA, a place that was in the news a lot two months ago. (Here‘s one of several posts about this.)



There’s always a lot to see out there.

Thanks for taking a look here, today.

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