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Day 2315: Long story, short

Because I’m hosting a retreat for group therapists at our home today, I need to make a long story, short.

Yesterday, I had a long day in which I

  • visited the hospital’s gift shop,
  • facilitated a Coping and Healing therapy group,
  • did individual therapy,
  • responded on short notice to people in crisis,
  • said “au revoir” — feeling sad AND happy — to graduating social work intern (and my co-writer and co-performer of the song “Nobody’s Perfect”), wonderful Nat Shirley,
  • exchanged short horn-honks with another yellow Honda Fit like mine,
  • had a short conversation with the two lovely people riding in that Honda Fit, and
  • sang one short original song near the end of a long Open Mic night, all the while being my short self wearing a long skirt and long earrings.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, sharing photos might be the best way to make a long story short.



Amelia and Percy, my new Honda-Fit friends, told me a short story about how she thinks our cars are yellow and he thinks they’re lime green.

Here‘s me telling the long story, short, about how I left the house before I felt ready:


Please leave your long or short comments, below.

Long gratitude, short:

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Day 1788: Giving thanks

In all my therapy groups this week, people were giving thanks.

Today, I am giving thanks to all my readers.

I am giving thanks for the opportunity to blog and to post pictures every day, even when they have little to do with the current topic.





If you can make a story out of those photos, I’ll be giving thanks to you.

Here‘s what “giving thanks” returns on YouTube:



by Shameem

I give thanks for the morning sunrise

I give thanks for the clouds of rain

I give thanks for the joy and peace in life

I give thanks for the times of pain

I give thanks for the green grass that grows

I give thanks for nectarines and mangoes

I give thanks for all the people who cross my path

I give thanks to all the people who touch my heart

I give thanks, I give thanks.

I give thanks for all the love around me

I give thanks for the truth that has found me

I give thanks for family and for friends

I give thanks for being able to give thanks

I give thanks for every day that is breaking

I give thanks for every day that I’m waking

I give thanks for the gifts in which I’m partaking

I give thanks for the music I’m making

I give thanks, I give thanks.


I’m giving thanks to all who helped me create this Thanksgiving post and — of course! — to YOU.


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