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Day 3669: Responding

Because I’m a psychotherapist, a blogger, and a denizen of Twitter, I spend a lot of time responding to others.

Sometimes I feel guilty that I’m not responding more quickly and completely to responses here and on Twitter, but I’m responding to guilt the way I suggest others respond — I’m letting go of it.

Lately, I’ve been responding better to people who respond differently than I do. For example, when my husband Michael and I saw the musical Preludes this weekend, we discovered we were responding very differently: I liked it and he disliked it. Instead of responding negatively to that, I accepted Michael’s viewpoint and was also able to stay with my positive feelings about the play. I have to admit it’s taken me many years to reach that evolved level of responding.

Because responding effectively and appropriately can be complicated, I tweeted this simple Daily Bitch resolution/solution yesterday:

Now I’m wondering how you’ll be responding to that and the other images in today’s blog post.


The Daily Bitch seems to be letting go of guilt about how she’s been responding.

Here are musicians responding to each other in the movie Whiplash.

Thanks to all who are responding to this blog post here and now, including YOU!

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