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Day 1083: How to Choose a Post Title

Even though I’ve chosen a similar title before,  I think “How to Choose a Post Title” is a blogging topic useful enough to revisit.

Do you agree, dear readers? How do you choose a title for a post, or for anything else you create?

Obviously, there’s no single right way to do so.  One technique is to consider the images you want to include in a post for possible title candidates.  For example, today I’m considering the following post titles:


  • “Unlikely Friendships”


  • “The Best Bostonians of All Time”


  • “Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures”


  • “Wisdom/Mistakes”
  • “Fake It Until You Make It”


  • “That’s Foolish!”

Now this may be foolish, but I have a lot of trouble making decisions, especially when there are so many good choices.

Actually, “Making Decisions” might be another good post title.


Whenever I struggle with decisions, it helps me to ask for assistance from others.  Therefore, which title would you choose for a post like this one, based on all the other photos I took yesterday?









I hope you choose to let me know your choice, in a comment below.

Choice thanks to all who helped me create today’s post, including my son Aaron’s classmate Emma, shown holding the guinea pig (which my boyfriend Michael titled “Cheryl.”) And special thanks to you — of course! — for choosing to visit here, today.

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Day 1082: Sound

What is the sound of

  • silence?
  • one hand clapping?
  • peace?
  • distraction?
  • connection?
  • technology?
  • thoughts?
  • feelings?
  • time?
  • a sound body?
  • a sound mind?

Sound is on my sound mind right now because last night’s therapy group soundly picked “sound” as a topic to explore.  Two  hours earlier, I had heard the sound of a different therapy group soundly choosing  the sound topic of “Wisdom.”

As we explored sound in that second therapy group, people soundly requested some  sounds of the season (which I soundly played on my sound iPhone):

What do those sounds do for you?

What sounds are evoked by these images on my sound iPhone?











What sounds do you hear, here and now?

Please soundly express the sounds in your head and your heart, in a comment below.

What is the sound of gratitude?  Thanks to all.

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Day 134: The Next Right Thing (re-visited)

Waaaay back this year, on Day 35, I wrote about doing the next right thing.

I just re-read that post (which, apparently, was the Next Right Thing for ME to do, in THAT moment).  I was happy to see that I linked to somebody else’s blog post, at WordPress. (It was the first time I had done that, so I remember feeling nervous about doing that.)

I was surprised at how much I got out of reading what I wrote before.

I was surprised at how little I judged what I had written.

Sometimes, I don’t read things I’ve already written, out of fear — fear of judging something I’ve created,  fear of becoming depleted because of that self-judgment ( and, therefore, less capable of moving forward). 

Here’s my question for today:  What have I learned (or re-learned) about Doing The Next Right Thing (between Day 35 and today)?

  1. Fear of doing the wrong thing gets in the way of figuring out what The Next Right Thing is.
  2. There are many, many Next Right Things.
  3. It’s your choice what to do next.
  4. Your choice is affected by many different things — inside you and outside you.
  5. If you think you have done the Next Wrong Thing, learn from that.
  6. Let go of shame and regret, so you can move on (see #1 above).
  7. The more open you are to what you have learned, in each moment, the more wisely you will choose.

I just re-read that list and I feel an urge to kid myself a little bit, because I sound like a wise old owl.

So going with that urge, I just did a Google Image search on “wise old owl” and this is what I found. This:


And this:


Now I know.   The next right thing, in this moment, is …

… to conclude this post. Thanks for reading, everybody!

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