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Day 836: On the Road Again

I had a busy day, yesterday, on the road again to:

  • my work, as an individual and group psychotherapist at a hospital near Boston’s Fenway Park,
  • my home, to say goodbye to my son before his 10-day trip to Italy with his high school Latin class,
  • an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy session, and
  • dinner and a visit to a local cat shelter, with my boyfriend Michael.

In the midst of all those roads yesterday, I saw this:

… which put me on the road, again, to naming today’s post.

In the moment, I am on the road again to

  • peace,
  • healing, and
  • sharing more photos from yesterday.




Kitty John Stamos might be wishing he were on the road, again, straight out of that cat shelter.

Are you on the road again to guessing my music selection for today’s post?

Are you on the road, again, to anything else, in your life?

Thanks to all, no matter what road you’re on, again, here and now.

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