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Day 3040: Unexpected appearances

Yesterday, when I was on my walk, the title of today’s post unexpectedly appeared to me when I encountered this unexpected appearance:

When Michael and I first saw our current home almost exactly four years ago, we saw the unexpected appearances of a rafter of wild turkeys in the neighborhood. I’ve expected other appearances of turkeys since then, but yesterday was the first time one unexpectedly appeared to me again.

The first night we moved in to our home by the bay, there was an unexpected appearance of a coyote walking near us on the beach. There have been many appearances of coyotes since then.

At this point, I guess I should expect the unexpected: appearances, disappearances, and everything else.

Are there more unexpected appearances in today’s other images?

Were any of those unexpected appearances particularly useful for you?

When I was looking at flowers yesterday, this Kenny Barron tune made an unexpected appearance in my headphones:

Later, while I was watching A Late Show with Stephen Colbert, there were more unexpected appearances, including this one:

Now I’m wondering if there are going to be unexpected appearances in the comments section, below.

Finally, here are the expected appearances of gratitude at the end of todays post.

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Day 1585: Excellence

If you came to this blog today looking for excellence, you’re in luck.


My social work intern, Justine …


… has shown excellence in individual and group psychotherapy this entire year. Justine is so excellent that I recently acknowledged her excellence with a list titled “Reasons Why Justine is Awesome.”  When we said goodbye yesterday, Justine demonstrated more excellence.





Justine shared the excellence of that ant quote during the therapy group we both facilitated yesterday. Because of that ant, we all sang this excellent song:

At that same excellent therapy group, as we were saying goodbye to Justine, we all acknowledged Justine’s excellence as well as the excellence of this helpful thought:

The pain of the loss is directly proportional to the importance of the connection.

Do you see excellence in my other photos from yesterday?












Please share the excellence of your own thoughts and feelings in a comment, below.

Thanks to Justine, our therapy group, Frank Sinatra,  Greg Stones, and everybody else who contributed to the excellence of today’s post. Also, thanks for the excellence of your visit to this blog, here and now.

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