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Day 1698: Whose Blog is it Anyway?

Whose blog is it anyway?

It’s the blog of somebody who

  • is seeing “Whose Line is it Anyway?” today at the Edinburgh Fringe

  • makes mistakes, like double booking

  • sometimes runs late

  • loves macaroni and cheese

  • enjoys being surprised by chocolate and by bliss

  • needs to monitor and control her Vitamin K consumption because she’s on Warfarin

  • doesn’t get shit-faced but loves Shakespeare

  • loves Scotland and misses her cats.

Whose blog is it anyway? It’s my blog, so I’m going to post a video.

Whose comment is it anyway? I hope it’s yours.

Whose gratitude is it, anyway, for all who helped me create this post and all who are reading it? Guess!

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Day 226: Parting is such sweet sorrow.

I’m writing this on the morning of the last day of my son’s and my trip to London and Edinburgh.

To honor the wonderfulness of this trip, and to allow myself more time to enjoy our last day here, I’m going to include just one photo, which some short comments.


I took this snapshot of the Greyfriars Bobby statue very quickly last night, as my son and I were on our way to one of the venues of the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh. We were going to see Greg Proops, from one of our favorite TV shows, the American version of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Before the show, we also wanted to stop at a Patisserie recommended by somebody at our hotel before the show. Because we’d had a stressful 10 minues in London, earlier during this vacation, when we were late for our third show in 28 hours (“Phantom of the Opera”) after stopping at a Patisserie and having difficulty finding that show’s venue, I didn’t want to linger on our way to the show last night.

So I noticed the statue and the little girl, but I barely aimed my iPhone while I took that photo. I didn’t stop and think, at all.

Later that night, after we returned to our hotel room (by the way, after we WERE about the same amount late for the Greg Proops show as we were for “Phantom of the Opera” in London), I took a closer look at that photo.

And since then, I’ve looked at it again. And each time, I’ve noticed something new.

This is what I’m noticing on this last morning in the lovely UK, as I look at that quickly-snapped photo of a statue commemorating the loyalty of a dog to its owner after death:

  1. That little girl looks so happy and secure, perched on high.
  2. One of the creatures in that photo seems like it’s looking right at me.
  3. The sign in the background reads “Established in 1772,” which brings to mind one of the first things I said to my son when we decided to visit London and Edinburgh this summer, “You may think that buildings in Boston are old…wait until you see the buildings in London and Scotland!”
  4. Directly above that sign, there’s an olde-fashioned bicycle on the wall, which reminds me of another one of my (much earlier) favorite TV shows:


I’m sure if I look again, I’ll see something else in that photo.

For now, though, I’m going to finish this post, so I can bid a proper adieu to the United Kingdom.

Thanks to Patrick McGoohan, Greg Proops, the little girl in that photo, improvisers everywhere, loyal pets, and to you, for reading today.

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