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Day 2718: Inner peace

I recently accessed inner peace by reading this article from — Message to White Allies from a Black Anti-Racism Expert: You’re Doing it Wrong.”

While I peacefully and strongly recommend that you read that entire article, here is a portion of it:

Allyship Principle #2: Cultivate Mindful Courage

“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” — Dalai Lama

“Anger or hatred is like a fisherman’s hook. It is very important for us to ensure that we are not caught by it.” — Dalai Lama

Do you see inner peace in my photos from yesterday?



Here is “Inner Peace Music to Calm the Mind.”

Please feel free to share your thoughts about this “Inner Peace” post in a comment, below.

I also find inner peace by focusing on gratitude for all, including YOU.


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