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Day 1240: Things we don’t know

No matter how wise and experienced we are, there are always things we don’t know.

Here are just some of the things I don’t know as I’m writing this on Tuesday, May 24, 2016:

  1. What my sister and I are going to talk about on the flight to Minnesota today,
  2. How my son’s new one-act play will go  over this coming weekend at his high school,
  3. What the doctors at the Mayo Clinic are going to say about my very unusual heart,
  4. How the restaurants are in Rochester, Minnesota,
  5. What Oscar the cat is going to do during my four-day absence,
  6. The words to any of the songs in the musical Hamilton,
  7. What was said yesterday at work during some special appreciation events, which included cake,
  8. Why anybody would choose or eat a cake that doesn’t include chocolate,
  9. What we’re going to do during 25 hours of down time between my last test at the Mayo clinic tomorrow and a late afternoon meeting with a surgeon on Thursday,
  10. Why our cat Harley acts scared of me unless he’s situated off the floor,
  11. Where we’re going to stay when we return to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August,
  12. Where my son will be living as a student at University of Edinburgh,
  13. What it’s going to be like for me to board a plane in Scotland at the end of August, leaving my only child behind in a different country,
  14. What music I’m going to include in this post, if any,
  15. How my tryout for “The Voice” in June is going to be different from my first one in February,
  16. What you’re really thinking as you’re reading this,
  17. The title of my post tomorrow,
  18. What I’m going to eat on the plane today,
  19. What my sister and I are going to see from the rental car as we drive from Minneapolis to Rochester,
  20. The names of all the players on the 2016 Boston Red Sox,
  21. What I dreamt about last night,
  22. Most of the diagnostic codes people use in American medical institutions,
  23. Why the letter “K” is the abbreviation for strike in baseball,
  24. The origin of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,  and
  25. What pictures I’m going to take in the future.

You don’t know what pictures I took yesterday, but that can be easily remedied, here and now:














What are some things you don’t know, now that you’ve read this blog post?

Here are two songs about how little we know (here and here on YouTube):

How little we know! And yet, I know that blogging daily helps me more than you’ll ever know.

Knowing thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for you-know-what (reading it).

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Day 971: You just never know

On Thursday evening, a long-time participant in my Coping and Healing groups — after listening to what other members were sharing and discussing — offered this  helpful conclusion:

You just never know.

You just never know what somebody else intends to communicate, but I felt like I knew what that person meant.

You just never know:

  • what is going to happen next,
  • another person’s experience,
  • why people make the choices they do,
  • another person’s thoughts,
  • all the feelings somebody else is having,
  • how and why other people behave the ways they do,
  • what our leaders are thinking,
  • how everything that happens might have an effect,
  • how other people see you,
  • what it’s like to be another creature on this earth,
  • how to keep up with rapidly evolving technology,
  • how we’re all going to survive,
  • how to make meaning out of senseless cruelty,
  • how people go on after traumatic experiences,
  • what beauty you are going to encounter,
  • how kind strangers can be,
  • how much time we have in this world,
  • what the heck I’m going to blog about any given day, and
  • which images are going to capture my attention, as I make my way through this world.

For example,

… you just never know what I’m going to bring back from Scotland.

You just never know what’s going to show up outside a hospital gift shop.


You just never know what beautiful natural scenes exist close to where you are.

If you know anything about me from reading this blog, you probably know that I’ll be doing my darnedest to get outside for lunch on a Friday. You might also know, if you’re a long time and faithful reader,  that my Friday lunch choice, from the cafeteria where I work, is kick-ass macaroni and cheese (not pictured).

You just never know what people are going to say at a goodbye party, although that usually includes words of appreciation never before spoken. After I took that last picture above, I witnessed many others expressing love and hopes for my wonderful co-worker, Mary, who is retiring from our hospital-based practice.  Mary, when saying goodbye to me in front of everybody, mentioned Friday macaroni and cheese! You just never know how well somebody can get to know you, in only four years. I told people at that going-away party that if I didn’t know I would definitely see Mary after she leaves next week, I knew I’d be bursting into tears.

You just never know how many connections you’re going to make in one day.


You just never know what  amazing things you’re going to see when you’re spending time with somebody you love.


And you just never know when the inspiration for a blog post title is going to hit. Yesterday, on my drive home to spend Friday evening with my boyfriend Michael, I noticed something I’d  never known before, and I pulled over to the side of the road to photograph it:


You just never know when a local marching band is going to appear on a main street.

You just never know when auto-correct is going to slow you down — it just took me many attempts and minutes to write “Main Street” in that last paragraph without initial capitals.

You just never know when I’m going to give up fighting auto-correct.

You just never know what music I’m going to choose on a Saturday.

You just never know when a beloved friend is going to raise you up by inviting you to go to a musical, like my friend Barbara did yesterday. Six hours from now, know that Barbara  and I will be at a matinee of Kinky Boots, in Boston.

You just never know how others are going to comment on something you create. I guess we’ll find out, below!

Unknowing and knowing thanks to those who helped me create this post today and to you — of course! — for all you know.

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