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Day 2194: What’s yours/What’s not yours

What’s your understanding of today’s post title: “What’s yours/What’s not yours”?

Yesterday, one of “my” therapy groups decided to focus on that topic after several of the participants had described challenges with other people in their lives.  The group members found it useful to make a list of what was theirs on one side of a paper and a list of what was NOT theirs on the other side.

Here are my lists:



Because of confidentiality, I would never share a list that was not mine. However, I did “steal” some of the ideas from other people’s lists, because I found they also applied to my life.

The photos in this blog post are mine. However, they show some things that are not mine.   And once I share them, are they mine, yours, or ours?









That microphone is not mine.  It belongs to my son’s friend, Leo, who has been staying with us.  Last night, Leo, Aaron, and Leo’s microphone helped me record all my original songs, using Apple’s GarageBand.

It was my intention to share, here and now,  the recording of my latest song, “It’s Not Me.” However, it’s not mine to share, at this point.  Instead, it’s my prerogative to share “My Prerogative,” which is not mine and is Bobby Brown‘s.

Whose turn is it to express thoughts and feelings?  It’s yours.

It’s my choice to end each blog post with gratitude, including thanks to YOU.


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