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Day 1311: Weird

It’s weird.  When I look at the weird photos I took yesterday, I have weirdly little to say about them.

Did I take those weird photos because

  • they looked weird?
  • I felt weird?
  • I think weird?
  • I like weird?

It’s weird that I’m writing about these weird photos without showing them to you. Maybe I’m doing those weird cognitive distortions of mind reading and fortune telling,  thinking you might not find my photos weird, at all.

Weird or not, here are my photos from yesterday, in weirdly non-chronological order.














It’s weird how weirdness is in the weird mind of the weird beholder..  I have this weird feeling that if I ask people to choose the weirdest photo here, I’ll see weirdly different choices.

Is it weird that I’m including a definition of weird at this weird point in this weird post?

1.suggesting something supernatural; uncanny.
“the weird crying of a seal”
synonyms: uncanny, eerie, unnatural, supernatural, unearthly, otherworldly, ghostly, mysterious, strange, abnormal, unusual
noun SCOTTISH archaic
1. a person’s destiny.

1.induce a sense of disbelief or alienation in someone.

It’s weird to me that

  • the definition quotes “the weird crying of a seal,” since that is neither supernatural nor uncanny and
  • the word SCOTTISH is there, since my son is moving to Scotland for University.

What’s weird to you?

I have this weird idea that the comedian Louis C.K. uses the word “weird” a lot.  Here‘s the first weird thing that came up in weird YouTube when I typed “Louis CK weird”:

It’s weird that I watched only the first few seconds of that video before posting it here.

Weirdly, my son and I are driving a weird 90.9 miles on Saturday immediately after his appearance in the weird musical “Anything Goes” to see Louis C.K.

I am weirdly looking forward to that as well as any weird comments I might get on this post.

Wouldn’t it be weird if I didn’t thank all those who helped me create this weird post and you — of course! — for reading it?

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