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Day 181: Belly Up

Last week, I met with Megan, who — like me — has a name that gets misspelled and mispronounced a lot. (It’s “Mee-gan” instead of “Megg-an.”)

I’ve known Megan for many years, as a co-worker and a friend. She specializes in holistic health counseling, and I wanted to talk to her about eating and nutrition.

“Holistic” is a great word to describe how she works, because she is interested in the whole picture of the person she’s counseling. We touched on many different aspects of health, related to eating and nourishment.

Not surprisingly, we talked a lot about The Stomach. Or, as Megan often refers to it, The Belly.

Here are some of my immediate associations with the word “stomach.”

  • Many magazines often use the word “stomach” on their covers:


  • The term “I can’t stomach that,” which means being unable to tolerate something.
  • The negative feelings and thoughts many people have about their stomachs. (I guess we could say that a lot of people can’t stomach their own stomachs.)

Here are some of my immediate associations with the word “belly”:

  • The term “fire in the belly”, which means

The emotional stamina and vigor, passion, or inner drive to achieve something, to take action, etc.

  • A certain kind of dancing, which definitely looks like fun.

Arabic Belly Dancer 01

Both words refer to the same location in the body, and Megan told me something I didn’t know about that place: it’s the location of the Chakra for personal power.

At the end of our meeting, which was very helpful, Megan and I chose some next steps for me to move forward, including this one:

Be aware of the stomach as a source of personal power. And, love it exactly the way it is.


Thanks to Megan, to all the bellies out there, and to you for reading today.

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Day 155: Worrier vs. Warrior

So, yesterday, I wrote an upbeat post, where the moral of the story was, essentially:

Don’t worry, be happy.

I mean, that’s a simplistic retelling, but I believe that captures the overall tone.

Today I woke up, with worry RIGHT THERE, all through me. I felt it in my furrowed brow, in the content and tenor of my thoughts, in the pit of my stomach.

I thought, “Oh, no, not again. Will I EVER stop feeling this way?”

And I listed the reasons why I felt worried, anxious, small, vulnerable, even unsafe, in those early morning moments:

  1. A bank balance smaller than expected.
  2. A weight, on my scale, larger than expected.
  3. A pain in my foot, which I felt with every step.

It helped to list those reasons in my thoughts.

It REALLY helps to write them down, now.

It helps to know I have reasons to be anxious.

Those are the facts.

These aren’t:

I am in trouble financially.

I don’t take good care of myself.

I am too vigilant.

I am not vigilant enough.

The deterioration of my body is inevitable.  I should expect that the physical things I love to do (like walking) will be taken away from me.

This is what happens when I feel good about my life — things goes terribly wrong.

I had more thoughts, this morning, which involved labeling myself in unkind ways. I also lingered, for a little while, in a very helpless, scared, depressed place, inside myself.

However, I did take action.

  • I talked to myself, identifying the worst fears and remembering other times when I’ve felt this way (and survived to tell the tale, obviously).
  • I sent an e-mail to somebody who helps me with money.
  • I put on a pair of shoes which relieved the pain.
  • And, I made a disparaging remark to the scale.

Last, but not least, I started writing this blog post.

It helps to take action … no matter how small the action is.

It turns me from worrier to warrior.

And I do seem to need to fight this battle, against fear and “catastrophizing” thoughts.

I get confused about the “right things” to do, a lot.

But taking action makes a difference.  It  really does.

Thanks for reading, this morning.

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Day 152: Weighty Matters

Oh, brother. (Oh, sister, too.)

This topic does feel like a weight — on my shoulders and in my gut.

And the topic is …. weight.  How much we weigh.



This is SUCH a loaded topic.

There are so many aspects to it.

Body image.

Self worth.


Societal messages.

The value of women.

The value of human beings.

Stereotypes and prejudices.


Food addiction.

Family dynamics.


Food-related politics and policies.

National, cultural, and historical differences in attitudes towards food and weight.

Etc. etc. etc.

(You may want to add to that list, depending upon your experience with this topic.)

Here’s my major point, this morning.  All these different thoughts — small and large — floating around in my brain, are inspired by something so trivial … that feels so huge to me:

I weigh more, today, than I ever have in my life.

And it’s difficult for me to feel as valuable and “okay,” once having noticed that.

Which makes me mad, especially since  I’ve worked with so many people, over the years, about cultivating self-esteem divorced from appearance, including weight.

So I’m taking the first step, right now, of naming my observation, my confusion, and my reactions.

That’s the beginning of my process — of moving forward, wherever that takes me.

Thank you for reading and witnessing (wherever you are, with all this).

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