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Day 504: Let’s not be pi(c)ky

I have an idea, people!  Let’s not be picky today, okay?

Let’s not be picky, critical, fault-finding, or judgmental — especially about ourselves — even if we’re

  • slow,
  • reluctant,
  • confused, or
  • not up to expectations, in any way.

Let’s not be picky, if we’re

  • naive,
  • oblivious,
  • uninformed,
  • in the dark,
  • inexperienced,
  • unenlightened,
  • uninitiated,
  • unknowledgeable,
  • unlearned,
  • unmindful,
  • unread,
  • unschooled,
  • unsuspecting,
  • untaught,
  • untrained,
  • unwitting,

or any other synonym for the word “ignorant” …. about anything.

Who wants to join with me, in this assignment?

Does anybody want to turn my suggestion down?  Does anybody want to postpone this, for another day?

I would understand if people might want to avoid this assignment, because being un-picky, non-judgmental, whatever-we-want-to-call-it … is NOT easy to do.  As a matter of fact, it’s a lot more challenging than something I’ve been avoiding for so long … that I’m embarrassed to tell you about it.

Letting go of picky self-judgments, even for just a day, is much more difficult than what inspired today’s post:


…. setting up and using that friggin’ Waterpik.

I could tell you lots of reasons why I’ve been avoiding doing that, for months.  But those “reasons” probably wouldn’t make sense to you. Or maybe they would.  My reasons make sense/don’t make sense to me, depending upon how I’m thinking about things.

However, since I’ve decided not to be picky today, my reasons for doing — or not doing — things in the past don’t really matter, do they?

One of my obstacles to using that Waterpik  — to help in my (1) dental care and (2) constant battle to avoid endocarditis* —  was this: I had lost track of the instructions.

I took a step closer to fixing that this morning, before I started this post. That is, I looked for, and found, the instructions online.

That was easy. And I discovered that using that friggin’ Waterpik is friggin’ easy, too.

So here’s another pledge for myself, which seems very achievable: I will use that Waterpik before I return to work today, after an absence of over a month.**

To help me accomplish all these things, I shall end this post with some inspirations I noticed yesterday (in order of appearance):










I’d like to end this post with (1) a fortune I received, on Saturday:


… and (2) two guys who’ve been making lots of noise, as I’ve been writing this post:


But I’m not being picky, right now, in any way.

Thanks to Oscar and Harley (left to right), the Madrona Tree restaurant,, Waterpik, my medical team, those who are picky, non-picky, or anything in-between, and to you — of course! — for picking the opportunity to read this, today.

* I’ve written about endocarditis in this blog, several times.  It’s an infection of the heart. I’m prone to it, I’ve gotten it three times before, it’s dangerous, my medical team says good dental care helps prevent its recurrence, but — and I don’t want to be picky — nobody really knows how I can perfectly avoid it.  We’re all doing the best we can.

** I got pneumonia in April, which I’m recovering from, slowly.

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