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Day 3064: Survival

First of all, I want to congratulate us all for our survival skills in making it to another day. Yay!! Celebrating survival helps us survive, I believe.

Second of all, did you know that this is a survival bracelet?

Even though I wear that bracelet for survival (it’s my Medic Alert bracelet)

.. I did not know it was called a survival bracelet until yesterday. Here is my ex-brother-in-law Joe (who is also a very talented artist) …

… telling me about survival bracelets and how they are woven strands of extremely strong paracord that can be very handy in case of an emergency.

Because this daily blog couldn’t survive without helpful information from people like Joe and online websites, here’s a quote about survival bracelets from

The cord itself is made up of 7 inner strands which each contain three inner strands of their own, which gives you a fair amount of cord to work with. Cutting out the inside cord and attaching it to the outer cord using a square knot will often yield hundreds of feet worth of cord, which can be used for fishing, sewing, building shelters, among other things.

I told Joe and my ex-sister-in-law Deborah yesterday morning that I doubted my ability to survive using a survival bracelet in an emergency because I would have trouble cutting the cord, so to speak. Actually, it’s amazing I’ve survived this long considering my struggles opening all sorts of modern packaging, including those annoying and deceptive envelopes that say “tear along perforation” which I could not tear by myself even if my life depended on it.

I was wearing my survival bracelet yesterday as I captured all these images of survival. Which image says “survival” to you?


Obviously, I survived Twitter, these amazing bagels

… and the drive home from Connecticut to write today’s blog, and Harley the cat survived without me for two days. Also, my husband Michael survived his deck-stripping and staining experience.

Thanks to Michael, our deck should be surviving beautifully for many years.

Here are 10 Survival Stories That Actually Happened:

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings about survival in a comment, below.

Daily gratitude is an effective survival skill, so thanks to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU!

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Day 3063: Retirement Plans

Despite the title of today’s post, I have no retirement plans, even though I’m well past the traditional age for retirement. I love my work as a group therapist in a large Boston teaching hospital, so when people ask me about my retirement plans, I say “no plans to retire” and sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly non-retiring, I say, “No retirement plans and when I die, I’d like to have my body stuffed and put in the group room, so I can be THAT kind of therapist.” To illustrate those plans, I get into a typical silent-therapist-listening pose, kind of like this:

Some people think that’s funny, others find it disturbing, and I have no plans to retire that line.

So why is today’s post titled “retirement plans”? I planned that title because of today’s Daily Bitch …

… and because my ex-brother-in-law Joe …

— shown there in an unplanned portrait with my ex-sister-in-law Deborah and their adorable English Setter, Lake — told me yesterday he would like to retire to their lovely home in Connecticut.

I also have no retirement plans regarding this daily blog, so I hope you enjoy today’s typically unplanned post, containing all the photos I snapped yesterday while connecting in Connecticut at Deborah and Joe’s home, at the nearby Harkness Memorial State Park, and at a local restaurant.

I hope the New London restaurant On the Waterfront has no plans to retire their delicious avocado salad, which was a special on the menu last night. My plan last night was to treat Deborah and Joe to to their first meal in a restaurant since the global pandemic changed all our plans a year and a half ago, and those plans worked out very well indeed.

In honor of Joe, here’s “The Retirement Song,” an a cappella sea shanty by The Longest Johns:

What are your thoughts and feelings about retirement plans? Please don’t be shy and retiring about sharing them in a comment, below.

I have no plans to retire my daily expressions of gratitude, so thanks to all who inspire me to blog every day, including YOU.

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