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Day 2849: Hold on to your face masks.

Yesterday, when I was holding on to my face masks and visiting the hospital where I work to get my yearly flu shot and to get a hospital-quality mask, I saw this:

Hold on to your face masks! I have a LOT of photos to share with you today.

Hold on to your face masks — there are only fifteen days until the U.S. election, when we the people hope to get rid of the other person with the problem.

Here‘s the Hamilton Mask-up Parody Medley by The Holderness Family:

Hold on to your face masks and hold on to my gratitude to all who help me create these daily posts, including YOU.

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Day 2842: I’m mad about ___

Because I’m mad about so many things right now, I’m going to perform “I’m Mad About You” — which I wrote when I was mad about the last U.S. Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings — at a remote Open Mic this Friday, October 16, 7 PM – 9 PM, EDT.

Because I’m mad about/in love with sharing my performances, here’s the link to sign up to attend that Open Mic:

You might be mad about missing your chance to see and hear “I’m Mad About You” unless you sign up by this Thursday.

Are you mad about any of my photos from yesterday?

If you’re mad about anything, VOTE!!!

I’m mad about how this photos has the word RIP in it …

… which I did.

Here‘s my performance of “I’m Mad About You” at the Jam’n Java Open Mic two years ago, on NOVEMBER 3.

Please express what you’re mad about in a comment, below.

I’m mad about collecting and expressing gratitude, so thanks to all who help me blog about all the things I’m mad about, including YOU!

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Day 2841: Is this anything?

“‘Is this anything?’,” writes Jerry Seinfeld in his new book Is This Anything?, “is what every comedian says to every other comedian about any new bit.”

When a man got out of a plain white van yesterday morning and handed me a brown box, I wondered, “Is this anything?” and it was.

All day, I asked myself “Is this anything?” as I took pictures of anything.

Was that anything?

Here‘s Jerry Seinfeld talking about “Is This Anything?” on Good Morning America, which has many things I love, including cats.

If you hesitate to leave a comment by asking yourself, “Is this anything?” know that your comments are everything to me.

Is gratitude anything? The answer is YES!

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Day 2813: Plan ahead

I don’t plan ahead very much for these blog posts. Instead, I often let my recent photos plan ahead for me.

I like to plan ahead for what might go wrong with something that’s important to me. For example, I planned ahead for last night’s high school Zoom reunion by preparing for the unlikely eventuality that I — as sole host for the event — might suddenly lose the internet or electrical power, which would have ended the reunion for everybody, despite all our planning ahead.

When other people are spending too much time planning ahead for unlikely problems, I invite them to let go of the worry by assigning a percentage to the possibility of it happening. People on the reunion planning committee tried to point out to me that my losing power was sooooo unlikely that I should forget about it. Instead, I spent hours planning ahead how to make somebody else from the reunion committee a cohost, so the Zoom reunion could continue without me if need be.

The Zoom reunion went great, without any major unplanned glitches except this one: despite (or perhaps because of) all my planning ahead, I was too distracted to remember to start taping the reunion until after I sang my introductory song “We Grew Up in the Sixties and We’re in our Sixties Now” which I started planning ahead to perform months ago. Well, as they say, “Man plans. God laughs.”

As I plan ahead for the rest of my life, I plan to spend less time planning ahead for unlikely negative possibilities and more time enjoying the current moment. In other words, I plan to follow my own advice to others about planning ahead.

I rarely plan ahead when I capture the moment in images like these:

I planned ahead for that white board to show up in my Zoom frame last night, and it did.

Last night, we planned ahead for an in-person repeat of our 50th reunion when it’s safe to do so, which reminds me of this:

Without planning ahead, I found “Plan Ahead” by Allan Sherman:

I plan ahead to read all planned and unplanned comments on this post.

If you were planning ahead to see some gratitude from me for everyone who helped me create this post, here it is!

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Day 2787: Wherever it is that we are

Wherever it is that you are, welcome to “Wherever it is that we are.”

Wherever it is that I am, I am wondering what my next blog post is going to be.  Initially, I was planning on calling this post “I’m not here” because of this …


… contrasting that with my blog post of  almost exactly a year ago “I’m here.”

But apparently that was neither here nor there, because then I found today’s title in this captured image from The New York Times online:


Wherever it is that we are, as expressed during the first night of the U.S. Democratic National Convention, is a place that is

  • desperate,
  • hopeful,
  • united,
  • determined,
  • grieving, and
  • laser focused on November 3, 2020.

Wherever it is that I am, I know that election day in the United States is November 3, 2020.

Wherever it is that I am, I am taking photos for this blog.


























Wherever it is that I am, I see astonishing things, like somebody seeming to walk on water, people celebrating important events like graduations, family members cooking with love,  somebody  exercising their right to vote (in an early local election), and creatures being wherever it is that they are.

To quote Michelle Obama quoting Donald Trump, it is what it is.

This is what I was listening to wherever it was that I was yesterday:

Wherever it is that you are, please consider leaving a comment about that.

Wherever it is that we are, I am always grateful to be here with YOU.


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