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Day 2855: Information for voters

Dear USA voters,

Vote as if your life depended upon it, because it does.



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Day 2638: Read Carefully

Who has time to read carefully these days, with all the information pouring in?

Nevertheless, I am going to read carefully before voting in the Massachusetts primary election by absentee ballot. If you read carefully, over the next few moments, you will discover that I need an absentee ballot because I’ll be attending a week-long group therapy conference in New York City the first week of March.

Read carefully when you look at my other photos from yesterday.




If you read this daily blog carefully, you know I’ve been mourning the death of jazz keyboardist Lyle Mays all this week. Last night, when I was reading my recorded Stephen Colbert shows carefully, I noticed that keyboardist and band leader Jon Batiste was also carefully paying homage to Lyle by interjecting a musical phrase by Lyle during Stephen’s monologue:

If you read that video carefully, you’ll find the sounds of Lyle at 2:44, 4:14, 7:26, and 9:46.

Here’s “Close to Home,” the Lyle Mays composition that Jon Batiste was carefully reading and sharing.

If I read carefully, I always realize that I am not alone.

If you leave a comment, of course I will read carefully and respond.

Read carefully and you’ll see that I’m grateful for all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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Day 2315: Loud and extra loud

Tonight, I’ll be using a loud and extra loud “egg shaker” for accompaniment when I’m singing three songs at a party of social workers.

Yesterday, in a therapy group, we wondered aloud together about why internal critical voices and anxious thoughts seem extra loud. My loud speculation was that critical voices and anxious thoughts are extra loud to help us survive.  If sounds of danger are more loud to us, we might be able to avoid them better. However, the loudness of negativity can drown out the positive voices within and around us.  That kind of loudness creates extra anxiety, worry, shame, and stress. For a lot of people, coping and healing includes allowing the positive messages to be as loud as the negative ones.

Do you see anything loud and/or extra loud in today’s photos?












Sorry about the soft focus in that last photo.  Allow me to pump up the volume for the bumpa sticka on the left:


Here‘s “loud Indian music” with over one million views on YouTube:

Two comments about that video seemed extra loud to me:

¡ʞɔɐq sı dǝǝW
1 month ago
Play this at my funeral

Dee Are
8 months ago

I look forward to the volume of all the comments, below.

I try to make my gratitude extra loud, so thanks to all who helped me create this loud-and-extra-loud post and — of course! –to YOU.


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Day 2136: What are you going to do today?

What are you going to do today?

Are you going to think about blue waves?





Are you going to bitch about things?





Are you going to live your life as if it actually mattered?

Are you going to watch USA election returns with your own eyes?



Are you going to be a flamingo in a world full of pigeons?


Are you going to eat food that’s good for you?


Today, I am going to do all those things AND I am going to VOTE!  Who’s going to join me?

I’m also going to share VOTING — the latest opus by Randy Rainbow.


Are you going to comment on this post today?

Another thing I’m going to do today: Thank everybody who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — YOU.




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Day 2134: _____ your way to good health

Last night, as I was window-shopping my way to good health, I saw this sign:


As I read my way to good health, I thought, “I haven’t gotten eight hours of sleep for decades!”  But I didn’t want to worry my way to bad health about that.

Instead, I figured I would blog my way to good health today by filling in the blank of “______ your way to good health” in other ways, including:

  • Walk
  • Talk
  • Hope
  • Vote
  • Think
  • Feel
  • Share
  • Create
  • Smile
  • Laugh
  • Cry
  • Eat
  • Drink
  • Sing
  • Dance
  • Write
  • Read
  • Work
  • Rest
  • Socialize
  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Watch
  • Participate
  • Accept
  • Change
  • Move
  • Love
  • Live
  • Imagine
  • Express
  • Act
  • Believe
  • Picture

Do you see ways to good health in my other pictures from yesterday?



As I watch my back,  I DO want to know how you’d fill in the blank of  “_____ your way to good health.”

Watch your way to good health with these two videos (here and here on YouTube):

Please comment your way to good health, below.

It’s time for me to thank my way to good health, so here’s gratitude for all who helped me create today’s post and for YOU.



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Day 2081: Live Free or Die

Yesterday, I noticed this New Hampshire license plate  with the official state motto “Live Free or Die.”


Who knew that hairy aliens lived in New Hampshire, parked in Boston and felt so strongly about freedom?

According to Wikipedia (which is free):

“Live Free or Die” is the official motto of the U.S. state of New Hampshire, adopted by the state in 1945. It is possibly the best-known of all state mottos, partly because it conveys an assertive independence historically found in American political philosophy and partly because of its contrast to the milder sentiments found in other state mottos.

As I have lived free for many years, I have noticed that flashy assertiveness gets more attention than milder sentiments.  Here are some of the milder sentiments displayed on U.S. license plates:

The Natural State


World Famous Potatoes


It’s That Friendly

Smiling Faces

Is  OK!

Sounds Good to Me

Peace Garden State

The Hospitality State

Seat Belts Fastened?

Drive Carefully

Do you agree that those other state license plates are not as lively or as to-die-for?

Today, as I live free and do not die, I would like to share something I said to my sister, last night, over dinner, after a very difficult day where I died several psychological deaths because of worry, projection, mind reading, fortune telling and other cognitive distortions:

I would like to declare that, as of now, I will never, ever again assume that other people are having harshly negative and judgmental thoughts about what I’m doing or not doing.  Tomorrow morning, I will wake up, free of that old and unhelpful habit.

This morning, as I try to live free of those old patterns and habits, I’m noticing this:  So far so good.

Actually, “So Far So Good” would make a good (if not entirely memorable) license plate.

Shall we live free and/or die for my other photos from yesterday?



It looks to me like that pineapple and broccoli are living free, undyingly.

Here‘s “Live Free or Die” by Hayes Carll:

Live free and/or comment below, please.

Gratitude is free, here and now, for all those who helped me create this “Live Free or Die” post and — of course! — for YOU.


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Day 2079: How many people does it take?

How many people does it take to make a difference?


How many people does it take to

  • write a blog post?
  • change a light bulb?
  • take some photos?
















How many people does it take to be you?

How many people does it take to make this amazing video and sing and play all these parts?


How many people does it take to make a comment?

How many people does it take to thank Jacob Collier, good cats, good humans,  good cooks, friendly people, people who heal in groups, survivors, and — of course! — YOU?




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Day 2074: Voting

Since many of us in Massachusetts, USA were voting yesterday, today I’m inviting my readers to think about voting.

What does voting mean to you?  Will you be voting this year? What influences your voting?

Voting is now open for your favorite images among these:












No worries about my sharing this photo of my write-in voting for my boyfriend Michael:


According to this site, that used to be illegal in Massachusetts,  but now it’s okay to take a photo of your own voting here. In the future, I hope to be voting for Michael for public office.

I’m voting for “Vote” by Blazer Fresh at GoNoodle.

I hope you’ll be voting in the comments section, below.

Any interest in voting for the preferred way to thank all those who helped me create today’s “Voting” post and — of course! — YOU?



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Day 2005: Here are the questions …

If you’re searching for the answer behind today’s title, here it is:


Here are the questions …

  • Who is welcome?
  • Where are the safe places?
  • How should we enter?
  • What is the next step forward?
  • Why don’t more people vote?
  • What will they vote for next?
  • Who’s in charge?
  • What is justice?
  • Who are the justices?
  • Who is corrupt?
  • Who is fighting for the rights of the people?
  • Why should we build walls?
  • What would make you happy?
  • What endures?
  • What does it mean to be strong?
  • When will strong women no longer be called “bitchy”?
  • Why should I smile today?
  • Who  listens to radio?
  • What are people listening to?
  • Why can’t I get to sleep after checking the news?
  • What important questions are missing here?
  • What other photos did I take yesterday?











Where is there a space reserved for your comments?  Below.

Here are questions and answers by Pat Metheny:


Who is grateful for all who helped me create this questionable post and for all who are reading it? Ann is.


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Day 673: Let’s Move/Time of the Season

It’s the time of the season for me to think about moving.  Moving faster while I’m walking, because it’s cold outside. Moving (many seasons from now) away from my beloved hometown of Boston, because it gets so cold for so many months around here.

And just in time for the cold weather yesterday, both of these tunes came to play:

(Pat Metheny’s “Let’s Move” found here on YouTube)

(Kurt Elling and Cassandra Wilson moving through “Time of the Season” found here on YouTube)

Imagine my hearing those songs as I moved yesterday, as fast as I could, through the freezing wind on my walk through Boston. If you’re moved to listen to either of those, do they move you?  I, personally, found that music very warming.

Let’s move back in time, just a little. Here’s what I saw minutes before I started that cold walk yesterday, during this time of the season:

IMG_1717 IMG_1722 IMG_1728

Notice how the door of that garage where I park my car every work day has moved? When I asked about that, the answer was, “It’s coooooold in here.”

As I moved to work on my walk yesterday, I considered taking more photos, but it was too coooooold for me to stop.

As we move on to winter, yesterday’s cold will feel like …. warmth.

Let’s move on to more pleasant matters, shall we?  This evening, I’ll be moving westward to Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.


Yes, after I move to vote, somehow, in the yearly election today and also move through a full day at work, I’ll be watching these people move tonight:


It’s the time of the season for me to see some of my favorite dancers from one of my favorite TV shows.

(10 of the dancers I’m going to see tonight, here on YouTube)

They sure can move, can’t they? Also, it moved me, this morning, to hear the word “care” in the introduction.

Another warming thought for me: As the days move further into cold, I get to see Pat Metheny and Antonio Sanchez, at the same Worcester venue, in less than two weeks!

What else do I want to say about “Let’s Move” in this season (or any other season)?

At work and elsewhere, people are moving in lots of different directions. The best I can do is notice, be honest about what I see, and be clear about ways that I want to move.

Let’s take a moment and breathe.


Let’s move!

Thanks to all who move, in their own way (including you!).

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