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Day 1067: Anxiety, depression, and stress

Yesterday at work, I facilitated a group of ten people hoping to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.

Today, I’m experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress —  not because of that group, but because of my own inner reactions to what I’m perceiving in the world around me.

Therefore, I shall now use some skills we discuss in  therapy groups, including

  • reaching out to supportive people,
  • accepting what is,
  • identifying achievable next steps, and
  • focusing on positive images.

Here are some images I captured yesterday — the first two at work and the rest at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

I believe it helps to look closer, even at things that are difficult to see. For example, I saw this inside, at the Museum of Fine Arts.


When I looked closer, I saw through it, to the outside.


Seeing through to the outside, with this post, is helping me now.

Thanks for looking along with me, today.



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