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Day 2663: One Moment at a Time

Many moments ago, I published my most recent blog post, wherein I wrote

Consider taking these days one MOMENT at a time.

I took my own advice and took yesterday one moment at a time.  Here are some moments, at a time when we all need to notice the better moments:











Yesterday, one moment at a time,

  • I facilitated another Coping and Healing group remotely,
  • We all practiced social distancing,
  • We took Oscar to the vet because of some scary symptoms,
  • The vet called us in the parking lot outside the clinic and diagnosed him as “handsome,”
  • They took lots of tests,
  • Despite our fears, they did not keep Oscar overnight,
  • Michael made a delicious meal which even he thought was great, and
  • Everybody seemed fine.

Today, one moment at a time, I’ll be remotely facilitating two Coping and Healing groups,  conducting a mindfulness exercise for many of my co-workers at a Boston hospital, and also receiving Oscar’s test results.

What’s your favorite song with the word “moment” in the titleThis is the moment-ous song that occurred to me, moments ago:

One moment at a time, I’ll be appreciating your comments and expressing thanks to all.


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Day 2462: On the verge of tears

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a blog post with almost exactly the same title as today’s. 

I wonder if I’m on the verge of tears, here and now, because

  • summer is gone,
  • I’ve lost three close and beloved friends in the last fifteen months (including two within the last four weeks),
  • I’ve been sharing important thoughts and feelings (including tears) with new people (like classmates at my 45th college reunion exactly a week ago),
  • I’m more than half-way through my Presidency of the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy,
  • I’ve been providing my Coping and Healing groups for more and more people,
  • everywhere I look I see emotional pain and physical pain in others,
  • even though I invite people to throw away harsh self judgment and other old habits that do not serve them well, that’s much easier said than done,
  • global warming and the world’s political situations scare me to the depths of my soul,
  • I wonder about the future for my son, and
  • I’m so friggin’ grateful to be alive.

I’m on the verge of revealing all my recent photos.









Yesterday, Oscar was on the verge of having an infected paw because of ingrown nails.  Now he’s on the verge of being back to his usual self.

I’m on the verge of revealing some news about me and my boyfriend, Michael. Can you guess what that news is?

Here‘s “On the Verge of Tears” sung by Patty Loveless:

What puts you on the verge of tears?

I’m always on the verge of expressing my gratitude for all who help me create these blog posts, including YOU.


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