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Day 3483: National Thread The Needle Day

Today is National Thread The Needle Day! Here’s what the National Day Calendar website has to say about that:

Coincidentally, I recently threaded the needle to restore a ripped off tail to one of Joan’s favorite mouse toys.

I have to admit it took me a lot longer to literally thread the needle than in times past. I’m trying to metaphorically thread the needle between blaming this on my age or the tiny-holed needles in that sewing kit.

Thinking ahead to the mid-term elections, I hope my country can thread the needle between self-interest and justice for all. Otherwise, we’re all going to get stuck.

Should we thread the needle by finding a path through the rest of today’s post?


Thread the Needle” is also a song by Clarence Carter:

I’ll be threading the needle through traffic soon as I head downtown for my once-a-week in-person appearance at work.

Thanks to all who help me thread the needle every day, including YOU.

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