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Day 3531: Winging it

As usual, I’m winging it here this morning, which seems particularly appropriate on National Chicken Boy Day.

I’ll be winging it today as I facilitate two therapy groups and prepare to meet a new electrophysiologist/cardiologist tomorrow. Next week, I’ll be winging it down south for my vacation.

Do you see anybody winging it in my images for today?


Winging it makes even more sense on National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day.

Orange you glad that this woman whose hair is silver and who often wears purple is winging it with spirit in the month of September?

Here’s what I find when I’m winging it on YouTube.

Any chance you’ll be winging it in the comments section, below?

Thanks to all who are winging it, here and now, including YOU.

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Day 3403: Out on a ledge

Yesterday, I read the news about

  • the conservative U.S. Supreme Court’s intent to take away a woman’s right to choose (a right which a huge majority of citizens support),
  • how the SCOTUS decision will erode other rights,
  • the projected outcome of the U.S. midterm elections, with the Democrats losing the tenuous control they now have,
  • the war in Ukraine,
  • irreversible global warming,
  • greed,
  • fear,
  • etc…..

… and I felt very pessimistic, helpless, and hopeless. In other words, I felt like I was out on a ledge.

I decided to name those feelings on Twitter, assuming that other people might be feeling the same way. I got a lot of helpful and empathic responses, with some joining me on the ledge and others urging me to get off the ledge and fight for the rights and the future I want.

Are any of my images today out on a ledge?

The Daily Bitch often seems like she is out on a ledge.

When I’m out on a ledge, humor and music can get me off that ledge. Tonight, my son Aaron and I will be seeing “Weird Al” Yankovic in concert and yesterday this song cheered me up immeasurably:

Thanks to all those who help me whenever I’m out on a ledge, including YOU.

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Day 3315: Promises

Just now, I noticed that the Bidens have fulfilled one of their campaign promises from last year.


The New York Times, which promises “all the news that’s fit to print,” is all over that story, too.

This promises more uplifting news stories ahead for all us cat lovers.

I promise more uplifting images in today’s blog.

I promise that the label “weird” often comes up in my therapy groups, and it’s promising that people usually embrace the label “weird” in a promisingly positive and productive way.

I promise to check YouTube for a good song for this “Promises” blog.

I promise you that “Promises, Promises” has been running through my head since I started creating this post.

If you leave a comment below, I promise to respond very soon.

A promise I make and keep is to express gratitude to those who help me fulfill the promise of each new precious day, including YOU!

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Day 3237: Nourishment

When people talk about food in my therapy groups (and they often do!), I sometimes invite them to expand the discussion to include different kinds of nourishment.

It might be nourishing to include a definition of nourishment here.


Do you see nourishment in my images for today?

I hope for a day when veterans everywhere get the nourishment they need.

I doubt I’ll get the nourishment of a Sundae today (because I work from 9 – 8 on Thursdays), but there’s always tomorrow!

Part of my recent nourishment has been listening to Pat Metheny’s Side-Eye NYC album, including this nourishing tune:

What types of nourishment have you been getting these days?

Gratitude is one of my favorite kinds of nourishment, so thanks to all who visit this blog, including YOU.

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Day 3154: Amazing places

I was in many amazing places yesterday, including two Zoom-like therapy groups. At the end of my amazing day, I posted this about amazing places on Twitter:

People responded with many amazing places, some of which I’ve been to (e.g., Yosemite, Iceland, and Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula) and some of which I want to visit (including Australia, Machu Picchu, Italy, Greece, and Hawaii). One person responded that Portland, Oregon was the most amazing place she’d been, which I found amazing because I might be going there next week.

Do you see amazing places in my other images for today?

I disagree with the Daily Bitch today: any place I’m still alive is amazing.

Our kitchen is an amazing place thanks to my husband Michael. Isn’t it amazing that this ….

… is a vegetarian meat loaf?

Here’s what I find in the amazing place of YouTube when I search for “amazing places.”

I look forward to your thoughts and feelings about amazing places in the amazing comments section, below.

I’m grateful for all who follow me in this amazing blogging place of WordPress, including YOU!

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Day 2903: Just BE

Sometimes we need a break from thinking, worrying, and doing, to just BE. After all, we are human BEings (not human doings etc.), as difficult as it might BE to BElieve that and just BE.

Just BE, as you look at my images for today.

Just BE as you take a moment to celebrate as you choose.

Just BE as you listen to Frank Sinatra sing “Oh! What it Seemed to BE.”

Just BE in a comment, below. I’ll BE reading and responding to your comments later, after I get to BE with other group therapists in a ZOOM meeting.

Finally, just BE with my gratitude for all those who help me BE here every day, including you!

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Day 2901: Good to know

One thousand, three hundred, and sixty days ago (it’s good to know who’s counting — me!), I wrote another post titled “Good to know.” It’s good to know that it’s still good to know things, even during these times of a deadly pandemic and deadly denial.

I hope it’s good to know that I finally got up some good courage yesterday to call the Internal Revenue Service to know about my good refund, which, as you might know, is a good many months late.

It’s good to know details, so here’s what happened:

  • I know how difficult it is to connect with a real person in the IRS, especially these days, so I set aside a good long time to make the call.
  • The automated IRS phone system gave me the same response I had gotten on-line a good many weeks ago — that the system had no knowledge of my refund — which was not good to know.
  • Other automated information increased my fear that something bad had happened to my refund.
  • I tried navigating the phone system every which way I knew, but still couldn’t get through to a real person with knowledge.
  • I googled “how to reach a real person at IRS” which gave me a complicated hack of the phone system including refusing to enter my social security number twice, which was very good to know.
  • I stayed on hold for 45 minutes, marveling that so many good people ahead of me had figured out the good-to-know hack of the phone system.
  • I finally spoke to a wonderful IRS employee who was home in Texas with her dogs and who was good to know. She told me the good-to-know information that there was a backlog of mailed returns and mine was among them. That was the only reason I had not received my refund, instead of all the bad-to-know fears my mind had manufactured.
  • She told me other good-to-know information, including (1) don’t mail in your return again, (2) don’t worry about identity thieves stealing your refund, (3) your husband’s erroneous Social Security information (which necessitated the mailing rather than the e-filing of our joint tax return) has been corrected, and (4) you go, girl, for marrying a good guy 10 years younger than you who cooks!

It’s good to know that bureaucracies can be made up of good-to-know human beings.

Are any of today’s images good to know?

It’s good to know Hanukkah is starting tonight and Michael will be making good potato latkes very soon.

Here are five good-to-know facts about Hanukkah from

Many thanks to all my good-to-know readers, including YOU.

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Day 2812: For Life

Just like today’s Daily Bitch …

… I’m a cat lady for life.

I’m also the mother of Aaron and the ex-wife/friend of Leon for life.

I am a member of my high school class for life and I’m looking forward to tonight’s Zoom reunion. I’m also a show-off for life, so I’ll be singing my original song “We Grew Up in the Sixties and We’re in Our Sixties Now.”

Other things I am for life:

  • The wife of Michael.
  • A lover of the sea.
  • An explorer.
  • A survivor.
  • Somebody who believes in the healing power of groups.
  • A picture taker.

I’m a fan of Michael’s cooking for life and that’s vegetarian meatloaf!

I’m also a musical comedy geek for life, so this song is now running through my head:

I’m also an optimist for life, so I’m hoping people will be dancing together in the streets again, some day.

Finally, I am grateful for life and for all of you!

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