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Day 2158: “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

If  my post title today irritates you or leads you to an understanding of yourself or others, let’s give the credit to Carl Jung.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

… is displayed on the front of the packaging for the Carl Jung action figure in my office.


Whenever I share that quote with others, they seem to understand.

How do you understand that quote from Carl Jung, my understanding readers?

These days, several things are irritating me about others, which means I have an unprecedented opportunity to understand myself!  I’m going to celebrate that by sharing some other recent photos (which may be an irritating habit of mine, which I hope you understand).







It’s not how old you are, it’s how you keep learning to understand yourself and others.

Here are 10 additional quotes from Carl Jung, which can lead to more understanding.

I hope you understand my gratitude for all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — for YOU.



P.S. After I published this post, I realized it was irritatingly similar to this one, from August 2017. I hope you understand!

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Day 1653: I don’t get it

These days, there are lots of things I don’t get.

I don’t get

  • why I get upset when people don’t get me,
  • why I feel insecure when I don’t get it,
  • why people get away with so much,
  • why so many people voted for Trump,
  • why getting ready for a move is so stressful,
  • and many other things that get me.

Get it?

Whenever I get a cup of tea, I usually get the saying that I get with the teabag. Yesterday, I didn’t get it.


Maybe I don’t get it because the word “should” gets to me. (If you’d like to get an early post  of mine about shoulds,  get it here.)

If you get that teabag saying, I hope I get a comment about it.

In every moment of life, I should be what I ought to be.  I should be sharing my other photos from yesterday, so I ought to get them for you.




Did you get that I heard beautiful music at  work and got another great dinner from Michael?

“I don’t get it” gets a lot on YouTube (get it  here, here, here,  and here).

I don’t get a lot, but I get thankful every day for people who help me get what I need to create this daily blog. I hope you get this: I’m especially thankful for YOU.

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Day 1232: Did you get it?

Did you get the title of this post?

If you get it, what does it mean to you?

To me, “Did you get it?” means that

  1. Situations can be confusing.
  2. Communication can be challenging.
  3. There are obstacles to complete understanding.
  4. Humor is personal and subjective.
  5. People forget things.
  6. Someone is always trying to sell you something.

Did you get that a photo I get on my iPhone can get me to write a post?


Did you get that photo?

Did you get that my son was in a play by Shakespeare this past weekend?




Did you get that they used lacrosse sticks instead of swords in that production of Henry IV, part 1?

Did you get that I blog every day, so you can get more about that play by reading my last two posts (which you get here and here)?

Did you get it that I get it into my head to share other photos I get on my iPhone, every day?













Did you get it, that

  • mindfulness is good anti-stress therapy,
  • there are hidden treasures everywhere, and
  • ultimately, only you know the secret formula to life?

What did you get out of this post?

Did you get that I’m grateful, here and now?


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