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Day 1099: Uncategorized

Yesterday, when I was hanging out at WordPress in my usual uncategorized way, I noticed that over 200 of my posts were categorized as “Uncategorized.”  You could categorize my initial reaction to that as “categorically surprised,” since I almost always  categorize my posts as “personal growth” and “photojournalism.”

I  quickly categorized a theory as to why WordPress has categorized so many otherwise categorized posts as “uncategorized” — “uncategorized” is the default categorization used by WordPress for any new post and I need to uncheck a box to un-categorize any post from being “uncategorized.”

Perhaps I shall categorize THIS post as “uncategorized,” but before I do, here are some uncategorized thoughts about “uncategorized”:

  • Human beings naturally categorize things, in order to understand them.
  • Because I was categorized “ill” as a small child dealing with a congenital heart condition, I categorically resist being categorized.
  • As a psychotherapist, I have to categorize people according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which I will now categorize as not one of my favorite categories of my job description.
  • Today, at work, I am embarking on a  project that’s been categorized as “incredibly helpful” and “ground-breaking” by doctors and other people categorized as providers who work at a facility categorized as “one of Boston’s major teaching hospitals.”
  • If you are categorically curious about my Quick Response  project  — where a clinician responds immediately, in the moment, when any patient needs support —  I was going to suggest you see previous posts which I would categorize as giving “background information,” but I can’t find any uncategorized and categorized posts like that besides this one.

Yesterday,  on a long walk through Newton, Massachusetts with Kathy — who I would categorize as “a wonderful friend” and “a fabulous photographer” —  I took all of these uncategorized photos:



How might you categorize those photos?  I hope you’re not categorizing them as “too many,” “too small to read,” or “very slow to load.”

Last night, after my walk with Kathy,  I took a few more photos I would categorize as “uncategorized”:





Feel free to categorized this uncategorized post in any way you choose, in a comment below.

I am now categorizing myself as grateful  to Kathy, to my boyfriend Michael (who made that delicious omelette, which he categorized very modestly),to Newton Massachusetts, to the Newton Free Library, to the major Boston teaching hospital where I work,  to WordPress, to all those who helped me create this uncategorized post, and to you — categorically! — for reading it.

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