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Day 3467: That is the question

I unquestionably ask a lot of questions, in real life and on social media. People on Twitter have suggested that I compile the questions I ask there into a book. What’s a good title for a book like that? How about “That is the Question”?

Do I even want to write a book? That is the question. Here’s a list of possible book titles I started this morning:

Which of those titles sound like a book you’d like to read? That is the question.

Which of my images for today might be in a book titled “Pictures Worth More Than a Thousand Words”? That is the question.

How are you going to celebrate National Dimples Day and National Sugar Day? And what does that double asterisk mean? That is the question.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “that is the question”:

What are your thoughts and feelings about this blog post? That is the question.

How should I express my gratitude to all of you today? That is the question and here is the answer.

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Day 3363: Shared Stories

As a group therapist and as a human being, I believe that the more we share stories, the more we connect with each other.

Yesterday morning, I watched President Zelenskyy share powerful, heartbreaking, unforgettable stories about the Russian invasion of Ukraine with the U.S. Congress. I witnessed, for the first time in a long time, American lawmakers unite in response to the shared stories.

Do you see shared stories in my images for today?

In this blog, I have shared stories about my absolutely incredible kid, and I hope to share many more stories with you in the future.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “shared stories.”

I look forward to reading any shared stories in the comments section, below.

Thanks to all who help me create shared stories here, including YOU.

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Day 3348: What’s trending

What’s “trending” according to the dictionary?

Every morning, when I use Google to search for “National Days,” a list of what’s trending automatically pops up. I don’t particularly want to know what’s trending, but here’s what’s trending today:

What’s trending, not surprisingly, includes

  • more fears than facts,
  • click-bait,
  • major omissions (including Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address), and
  • pancakes.

Is anything trending in my other images for today?

I’m thinking that on National Old Stuff Day, a lot of old stuff — old patterns, old habits, old beliefs, old fears, old perspectives — is trending. At the group therapy conference I’m attending, people are trying to trend towards new, healthier, and more authentic ways of being.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “what’s trending.”

What’s trending where you are?

Gratitude is always trending here, so thanks to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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