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Day 3327: Trying

During these trying times, I’m trying to

  • be a good mother,
  • help people cope with anxiety and depression,
  • remain positive,
  • stay safe,
  • stay healthy,
  • overcome my resistance to doing tasks I want to avoid (like our taxes),
  • understand people’s irrational behaviors,
  • be kind,
  • watch the Olympics,
  • read,
  • balance my needs with other people’s needs,
  • set and maintain healthy boundaries,
  • create another great presentation about my groups,
  • be an ally for social justice,
  • reduce my carbon footprint,,
  • figure out how to celebrate National Toothache Day, and
  • identify a common theme for today’s images.

We’re also trying to maintain a good environment for our gregarious cat Joan and our shy cat Harley.

Here’s “Trying” by The Staves.

What are you trying during these trying times?

As always, I’m trying to express how grateful I am to all who help me create these daily blogs, including YOU.

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Day 1840: Trying

I’m trying to decide what to include in today’s post.

Some people assume that creating a daily blog post is very trying. I’m  trying to explain that blogging helps me deal with trying times.

When I’m trying to  compliment somebody’s progress, the person often says, “I’m trying.”  Trying to acknowledge they’re doing more than just trying, I sometimes reply, “You’re succeeding.”

I’m trying to capture the world around me in photographs. I’m trying to put those photographs in some kind of order to communicate what’s trying and what’s succeeding.







I’m trying to look at that “try denial” kitchen magnet without thinking about the deadly mudslides in California, but I can’t deny those thoughts.

I’m trying to remember that my son, who left for university in Scotland last night, will be back in May.

I’m trying to keep up with other people’s blogs, but I’m not succeeding.

I’m still trying to choose the right music for every post.

I’m trying to encourage people to express their thoughts and feelings, here and elsewhere.

As always, I’m trying to express gratitude to all who helped me create this “trying” post and — of course! — to you, for trying.


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