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Day 510: Order(s)

Yesterday, Mark Bialczak, a fellow and well-ordered WordPress writer and reader, commented on my post, Day 509: Like, now, like so:

Go out today and smell some flowers no matter where they are?

And even though Mark softened the end with a question mark, he gave me an order.

When somebody gives me an order, I can:

  • hear it,
  • obey, automatically,
  • rebel against it,
  • entertain the possibility that it’s NOT an order (but rather a suggestion),
  • look at my options,
  • consider the pros and cons of each choice,
  • decide what to do.

Yesterday, as soon as I read Mark’s comment, I knew it was just what the doctor ordered. And if you (1) aren’t familiar with that idiom and/or (2) don’t click on links, that means:

exactly what is wanted or needed:

Ooh thank you, a nice cup of tea. Just what the doctor ordered.

— from

Yes, that was exactly what I wanted or needed yesterday: to smell and see some flowers.   So I thought of Tower Hill Botanic Garden, less than an hour’s drive away. And that matched Mark’s order, to a T.*

I took lots of pictures at Tower Hill, yesterday afternoon.  I wonder how I should order those photos here?

Let’s start with this one:


Ooh!  The sign tells me I’m not alone in wanting to organize, in order to simplify and make things more understandable.   That connection with humanity gives me acceptance about whatever order I choose for these photos.





On the way home from Tower Hill, I passed by an open field. Something ordered me to turn the car around, stop,  and inspect things more closely. This is what I saw:


I came back for that heart, with its orderly lines.

Here are two more shots of it:Image



Then, I noticed some things moving, near the heart. Here’s a zoom:



When I returned to my car, I saw some different birds:




I don’t know about you, but to me, it looks like the white guy is ordering the others around.

Thanks** to, ducks, Google, hearts, Mark, those who order and are ordered in any way, Tower Hill, turkeys, and — last, but not least — to you, for dropping by here, today.

* “to a T” is another idiom, defined by Google as:

exactly; to perfection.
“I baked it to a T, and of course it was delicious”

** in alphabetical order.

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