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Day 3154: Amazing places

I was in many amazing places yesterday, including two Zoom-like therapy groups. At the end of my amazing day, I posted this about amazing places on Twitter:

People responded with many amazing places, some of which I’ve been to (e.g., Yosemite, Iceland, and Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula) and some of which I want to visit (including Australia, Machu Picchu, Italy, Greece, and Hawaii). One person responded that Portland, Oregon was the most amazing place she’d been, which I found amazing because I might be going there next week.

Do you see amazing places in my other images for today?

I disagree with the Daily Bitch today: any place I’m still alive is amazing.

Our kitchen is an amazing place thanks to my husband Michael. Isn’t it amazing that this ….

… is a vegetarian meat loaf?

Here’s what I find in the amazing place of YouTube when I search for “amazing places.”

I look forward to your thoughts and feelings about amazing places in the amazing comments section, below.

I’m grateful for all who follow me in this amazing blogging place of WordPress, including YOU!

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