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Day 189: Something lifted (and movie medicine)

Yesterday, I wrote what felt like a VIP (Very Important Post).

It included a story I’ve been meaning to — perhaps yearning to —  tell, about my mother and her death.

Writing it definitely released something.

Including tears. Tears when I wrote it and tears, again, when I read the post several times throughout the day.

And yesterday, dread and anxiety left the room.

Last night, my bf, my son and I watched a movie I’ve seen only once before.  I’m not sure why I haven’t watched it more, since I LOVED it when I first saw it in the ’80s, when I was in Film School.

Here’s the film:



Certain films, for me, are pure pleasure.  “Adam’s Rib” is one of them.

What I’d like to do, today, is name some more movies like that, for me.

My Year of Blogging Daily is half over, so it’s about time I did a Top 10 List, y’know?

Each one of these movies has been a kind of “personal medicine” for me, at some point of my life.  They’ve all given me hours of amazement and joy, and I love them all.

Here they are, alphabetically:











While it was REALLY tough to stop at 10, I think that list is good enough, for now.

Thanks for reading today. And feel free to share movies that are personal medicine, for you.

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